Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Something New in the Garden and it's Not Good

It seemed to appear overnight.

From where?

I've never seen it in my garden before.


Look at my poor onions.

Don't see it?

How about this one.

Killer fuzz.

Downy Mildew seems to be the likely culprit. Lots of rain and mild temperatures seem to be helping it along. A good hot dry spell might knock it back.

In the meantime I gave all of the alliums a good spray of Serenade fungicide.

Fingers crossed.

I sure hope the onions aren't doomed.


  1. Oh no - I'm always surprised at how quickly things can change in the garden, both good and bad. Keeping my fingers crossed for our onions!

  2. There's always something out to thwart our efforts isn't there?

  3. Onions are tough, let's hope they shake it off. I'm planning to use potassium bicarbonate (baking soda also is supposed to work)as one control for fungal problems this year.

  4. Yuck is right! I don't recall ever seeing it before.


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