Now Growing

Here's most of the edibles growing or surviving in the garden as of July 11, 2018:

Chiles and Sweet Peppers: 
Sweet Peppers:
Criolla de Cocina
IPK P 262 (Turkey)
IPK P 496 (Turkey)
Mehmet's Sweet Turkish
Odessa Market
Relleno Ecuador Sweet
Rosso Dolce da Appendere
Topepo Giallo

Chiles, annuum:
Craig's Grande Jalapeño
Urfa Biber

Chiles, baccatum:
Aji Angelo
Aji Banana
Aji Cacho de Cabra?
Aji Golden
Aji Marchant
Joe's Giant Aji Amarillo
Queen Laurie
Sugar Rush Peach
Sugar Rush Red

Chiles, chinense:
Caribbean Seasoning
Cheiro do Norte
Yellow Pointy

Overwintered from 2017:
Aji Amarillo Grande
Aji Angelo
Aji Golden
Baby Aji Amarillo
Craig's Grande Jalapeño
Ethiopian Brown
Joe's Giant Aji Amarillo

Brad's Atomic Grape
Cesare's Canestrino di Lucca
Piglet Willie's French Black
Rose Hill Pink Plum
Tasmanian Chocolate

Overwintered from 2017:
Piccolo Dattero cherry

The Rest of The Vegetables:

Beans - Baciccia
Beans - Hank's Extra Special Baking
Beans - Pico Pardal Garbanzos

Beets - Badger Flame
Beets - Golden
Beets - Sweetheart

Broccoli - Batavia

Cabbage - Filderdkraut

Celery - Pink Plume
Celeriac - Prinz

Collards - Yellow Cabbage

Cucumber - 7082 Experimental
Cucumber - Green Fingers
Cucumber - Little Potato

Fennel - Orion

Onions - I'itoi
Onions - Italian Scallions

Potatoes - French Blue Belle
Potatoes - Upstate Abundance

Squash - Tromba D'Albenga