Now Growing

Here's most of the edibles growing or surviving in the garden as of January 13, 2021:

Chiles and Sweet Peppers: 
Chiles, annuum:
Aji Angelo (volunteer from 2019)

Peppers, Sweet:
Mehmet's Sweet Turkish
Odessa Market

Brad's Atomic Grape
Marzano Fire
Piccolo Dattero
Sweet Gold

The Rest of The Vegetables:

Arugula - Speedy

Broccoli - Aspabroc (Broccolini)
Broccoli - Batavia

Brussels Sprouts - Gustus

Chives - Polyvit

Collards - Yellow Cabbage

Cardoons - Argente de Geneve Inerme

Fennel - Orion

Kale - Purple Moon

Kalettes - Autumn Star
Kalettes - Mistletoe
Kalettes - Snowdrop

Saffron crocus