Now Growing

Here's most of the edibles growing or surviving in the garden as of February 28, 2019:

Chiles and Sweet Peppers: 
Chiles, annuum:
Urfa Biber

Chiles, baccatum:
Aji Banana
Aji Cacho de Cabra
Joe's Giant Aji Amarillo
Queen Laurie

The Rest of The Vegetables:

Arugula - Speedy

Beets - Badger Flame
Beets - Red Baron

Brussels Sprouts - Gustus

Cabbage - Filderkraut
Cabbage - Pixie
Cabbage, Napa - Little Jade
Cabbage - Tronchuda Beira

Cardoons - Argente de Geneve Inerme (coming soon)

Carrots - Short Stuff

Celery - Pink Plume
Celeriac - Prinz

Chard - Italian Silver Rib
Chard - Peppermint Stick
Chard - Special Baby Leaf (coming soon)

Choy - Yellow Heart Winter (coming soon)

Cress - Rishad

Fava Beans - Aquadulce
Fava Beans - Extra Precoce A Grano Violetto

Fennel - Orion

Kale - Tuscan Baby Leaf (coming soon)

Kalettes - Autumn Star
Kalettes - Mistletoe
Kalettes - Snowdrop

Leeks - Pancho (coming soon)

Lettuce - Queen of Crunch (coming soon)
Lettuce - Red Butter Romaine
Lettuce - Red Iceberg
Lettuce - Three Heart Butterhead (coming soon)

Onions - I'itoi
Onions - Yellow Potato

Pac Choi - Baby Shanghai

Parsnips - Gladiator

Peas - Oregon Sugar Pod II

Radish - Bora King Daikon
Radish - Mini Purple Daikon

Rutabaga - Improved Helenor

Saffron crocus