Variety Spotlights

It has been a while since Liz at Suburban Tomato started a meme that she called Saturday Spotlight. She invited bloggers from all around to contribute posts in which we wrote about a favorite vegetable variety and she hosted a page where she listed the posts from participants. Alas, she seems to have wearied of blogging and hasn't been heard from in a while, but her blog is still there to be read and you can still find that list of "Spotlight" posts.

I do like that idea of letting other gardeners know what varieties are near and dear to a gardeners heart, so in that vein I'm putting together my own little list of favorites. I'm swiping the title from Dave at Our Happy Acres where he maintains a similar page of variety spotlights, I think you should check those out, he's got good taste in veggies.

Some of my favorite things to grow and eat:


  1. Hahahaha, interesting post, I also like to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits, I enjoy the sense of accomplishment at the harvest

  2. Hi we are new to mid-valley Carmel and I have two raised garden beds, some fruit trees, and high hopes to plant an edible garden. Do you consult to newbies like me, or know a local who would?

    1. Hi lisahanson (Lisa?), If you go to the bottom of the page on my blog there is a Contact Me form. Send me a private message and we can see if I can help you. Welcome to Carmel Valley!


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