Monday, October 19, 2020

Harvest Monday - October 19, 2020

I harvested all of the winter squash that was in the garden, all of 2 Delicata squash. And those only made it into the garden this year because a friend shared some seeds with me. Winter squash just wasn't a priority this year.

Tetra Delicata Squash

I have lost count of the number of heat waves that we have endured this summer and fall. Summer actually started off with mild weather. We enjoyed our typical warm days and cool nights until about the second week of August. I remember that Dave and I enjoyed a 5 day backpack trip in Emigrant Wilderness with perfect weather in the first week of August and then after that it got hot. And we've cycled between HOT weather and okay weather since then. This last week the highs were in the mid to high 90ºF range. I haven't been loving the heat but the little Jamaican Burr Gherkins have. The rest of the garden has been hanging in there. Maybe it's the shorter days, but the 2 year old Orion fennel plants are now putting out shoots that don't want to bolt right away and some of them are fattening up a bit. The latest succession of arugula is mature enough that I have started to cut some of the most mature plants. And the broccolini is putting out numerous side shoots.

Jamaican Burr Gherkins, Orion Fennel, Speedy Arugula, Broccolini


The paste tomatoes are pretty much finished for the season although there are a few green tomatoes on the vines. Cherry tomatoes are still abundant thanks to the long lasting Piccolo Dattero vines.

Piccolo Dattero, Sweet Gold, Brad's Atomic Grape

And the Tromba d'Albenga vines are getting a second wind.

Tromba d'Albenga

Not photographed this week were more ripe sweet peppers and a few humongous Yellow Cabbage Collard leaves.

Harvest Monday is hosted by Dave on his blog Our Happy Acres, head on over there to see what other garden bloggers have been harvesting lately.

And here's a bit of action that I caught on my critter camera that sits just outside my garden. I keep a big tub full of water there and it attracts a variety of wildlife most nights. This shot is of a bobcat taking a long drink and a fox waiting for its turn at the tub. It's the first time I've seen the two different critters there at the same time. 


  1. What a wonderful critter-cam movie. We have one too but all we catch is rats, skunks and opossums. We could use a fox and bobcat to rid us of some of these vermin.

  2. Beautiful harvests, and a cool pic from your game-cam. Strange that the bobcat and fox are hanging out together...cats and dogs. We have plenty of foxes here, and I know bobcats are in the area, but I've never managed to sight one or had it show up on my game-cam.

  3. Wow - they're queuing up for your water! Your weather has been hotter than ours it would seem. That's a goodly haul of late season tomatoes. My vines are done for here.

  4. I like the idea of animals queuing for a drink. We could have done with more just OK weather. That’s a good haul of tomatoes.

  5. I grew Delicata for the first time this year rather than butternut as I thought they might be easier. Sometimes the butternut don't ripen here in the UK. The Delicata ripened much earlier than the butternut but you don't get as much inside. They are more suitable for stuffing or slicing and roasting in some way. The tomatoes look fantastic.


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