Friday, November 7, 2008

More Vegetable Garden Pictures

I really should be tearing stuff out, digging in compost, making more compost, and planting fava beans, but I've been having too much fun in the blogosphere. While I was out and about enjoying the critters I also took a few other shots.

This guy below was strutting around showing off his family all through the month of June. He would find a perch somewhere, usually up in the oak trees, but this time it was a fence post in front of the house. Mom would be down in the garden somewhere, trailed by her ten chicks. I inched my way toward him, taking shots all the way, and this was as close as I could get.

So, he and his family inspired the bit of garden decoration in the next photo....

Quail Gate

Some rusted steel cuties from a local nursery that I just could not pass up.

Snow Pea 'Atitilan'

The snow peas have started to bloom. This variety is a dwarf with incredible tendrils that are more like tentacles.

Passiflora edulis 'Frederick'

I've got this growing in a large pot in the vegetable garden. It has been blooming just a bit, but has not set any fruit. The deer love to nibble on any shoots foolhardy enough to poke through the fence.

'Painted Serpent' Cucumber

Dare I hope for just a few more cucumbers? The plant is making a valiant effort.

Orach 'Aurora Mix'

The Orach seed heads are so pretty that I picked some today to put into a flower arrangement. I won't be saving any of the seeds since I had plenty of pigweed, truly a weed and a related plant, and I don't want to chance any crossing. I still have a lot of seeds left in the packet. I need to figure out if it will grow in our mild winter. The young leaves are a tasty and lovely addition to baby salad greens.


The brassicas are growing by leaps and bounds in this mild weather. In front is Portuguese cabbage. To the right is Cavolo Nero, trimmed of a few leaves for use in the other night's soup. Behind is the Romanesco Broccoli.

Golden Chard

I know, I've shown the Golden Chard before, but it's so beautiful that I couldn't resist another shot.


  1. Wow, that (real) quail is something else! Haven't seen them up here in Seattle for years, guess they are threatened or ?? Love the quail gate, that's inspired. Never grown orach but would consider it just for those seed heads, they are stunning! I love passion flower but know it needs a lot of space (and a strong structure) to ramble on so have just admired others' lately instead.

  2. I think that the quail have been having a difficult time here as well. My neighbor remarked to me that he was so happy to see that the quail have returned (he's lived here a lot longer than I have). I think I'm lucky that the quail have chosen my neighborhood to hang out.


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