Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slime Mold, Part II

It's baack!

While I was contentedly sleeping last night...

The Yellow Slime Mold fruited yet again!

Even bigger than the last time...

It made it's way closer to the gate...

Closer to the house...

The last visitor is looking rather less appetizing now.

This patch looks particulary inedible.


  1. Hmmmm... Interesting. Great to see that you've let it be, but I usually tend to remove such weirdos from my garden.

  2. This looks a bit scary now! Hope you stop it getting in the house.

  3. Michelle
    If it's the same slime mould that pops up here in Aussie garden mulch, its name is Fuligo septica. Like yours, ours is sunny yellow at first then cow pat brown later on, too!

  4. I've never seen a slime mould - very cool. Thanks for sharing. It's very "Day of the Triffids".

  5. Oh, my that takes the cake.... I once got compost from the landfill, lots of mushrooms, but nothing like this.

  6. Hope it doesn't creep closer and closer to your house! Ewwww.

  7. (Do you mind deleting my previous post? It has the wrong email address - thanks!)

    Hope the slime mold doesn't decide to creep over to your window and try to slime on into your house!

  8. Chandramouli, they're too interesting to get rid of, unless of course they're something truly undesirable.

    Chaiselongue, fortunately there is a stretch of inhospitable driveway between the garden and the house. I don't think the YSM feeds on concrete pavers!

    Daffodil, funny, I couldn't decide which theme to cue, Twilight Zone or Jaws. Twilight Zone gave me more nightmares when I was a kid, so it won.

    Jamie, cowpat is a very apt description of the "mature" form! I'm going to have to check out Fuligo septica.

    Barbarapc, welcome! Happy to entertain you. Triffids, indeed.

    Randy, your weeds may beat mine, but I think I got back with my fungus! :)

    kfardal, ewwww is right, I wouldn't want it to overtake one of my napping cats, that might be too much to bear.

    Karen, was that in the previous post about YSM? I'll delete that one now. So far as YSM slimeing the house, it might be an improvement over the current paint color, maybe.

  9. It looks like some sort of mis-sprayed, spray insulation.... If i hadn't seen the 'mature version' I almost wouldn't have believed it was real! Great find!

  10. Fascinating... I haven't been lucky enough to get interesting fungi in my garden yet. Your slime mold is so big!


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