Monday, July 27, 2009

A Temporary Addition To The Covey

Aaawww, look! Up on the gate...

You looking at me?

I'm just keeping watch over my covey.

And lookin' good while I'm at it.
(Much more handsome than those guys behind me.)


  1. Beautiful bird! What is it? It looks like some kinde of partridge.

  2. Hi Gintoino, that beautiful guy is a California Quail. They are year round residents here.

  3. They're amazing! They almost don't look real. Lucky you having them visit!

  4. So funny. Why did I think they stayed on the ground?

  5. Michelle,

    Love your gate, so cool and to have quail jump up and join the artsy quail..... I got my life California Quail from the ledge of some friends family room window. Thanks for the laugh too!!

  6. Chaiselongue, they are so fun to have around. I do feel lucky that they hang out here. My neighbor said they disappeared for a few years and now they seem to be coming back.

    Stefaneener, they do seem to spend most of their time on the ground. The rest of the covey, at least a dozen birds and mostly babies, were all poking around in the brush below the veggie garden as "Dad" looked on.

    Randy, it was fun to see him up there with the rusty quail. I've had more than ne friend look at the rusty ones from a distance and wonder if they were real.

  7. You had me fooled completely, I thought they were all real! What fantastic head-gear!

  8. the head dress is very sophisticated!.. haha.
    ~ bangchik

  9. Jan and Bangchik - it is jaunty! I wish I could get away with wearing such a thing. :)


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