Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fog In The Valley At Dawn

This morning the fog in the valley was so beautiful that it drew me outside, camera in hand, BC (before caffeine). I scrambled up the path to the bench above the garden, snapping photos all the way.

An informal collage of the full valley view.

Looking toward the coast.

Across the valley.

The fog changes minute by minute.

Cowlicks form in this part of the valley.

Up the valley.


  1. I love the motion and presence of fog. Your photos are really wonderful.

  2. Beautiful, what an amazing sight!

  3. I loved the fog as a kid. We got fog just like that it would move up and down like tides. Where we are now has a different kind of fog since there are no mountains nearby.

  4. I'd rather have your fog than my dust storm any day! Beautiful.

  5. Mary Delle, Thank you! I love being where I can see it, not too crazy about being in it tho.

    Liz, thanks, it was a delight to see that this morning.

    Daphne, a tide, that is just what it looked like, flowing into the valley and then flowing back out. The fog that comes in in the evening has an entirely different personality.

    Jamie, yes indeed, your dust storm looked awful, I'll keep my fog.

  6. I saw some fog licking a hill today when I took the oldest to writing class. It was just starting to glow as it burned off. Never knew I'd come to love it like I do.

  7. Beautiful. It looks like a glacier in some photos.

  8. Amazing! I find it so hard to do good landscape photos, they look washed out so easily. These pictures convey exactly what I sometimes see when I get over the hill.


  9. Stefani, I love it too, but not when I'm socked in for any length of time.

    Jackie, that's a great description, it does look icy in some of the shots. It's always amazing to me how many different personalities fog can have.

    Town Mouse, You're welcome and thank you! It is really difficult to get good landscapes but I just take lots of shots and pick my favorites, thank goodness for digital photography and lots of disc space.

  10. Lovely photos Michelle! We look down on mist/cloud like this sometimes too, more often in the winter.

  11. Beautiful, MIchelle! I will come back to these often this 95 degree weekend.

  12. It looks lovely, like the sea or a river, and they're great photos. We don't get fog here - it's too dry - but we used to live in a river valley in Wales which got full of fog like this in autumn. Thanks for taking the photos, even though it was BC!


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