Monday, April 4, 2011

Harvest Monday - April 4, 2011

There's a couple of new items in the harvest baskets this week, one of which is the green garlic shown above. Take a closer look  though and you will see that my green garlic is also rusty garlic. The rust is running rampant through the garlic patch this spring which means that the garlic heads will be runty this year. It's such a disappointment to see that disease this early in the season, it makes the leaves of the green garlic unappetizing so I'm not using the leafy parts this year. That basket also includes another picking of Guntmadingen Winter spinach (not showing signs of bolting yet!) and another harvest of pea shoots.

Yesterday I harvested the first young fava bean pods which didn't get photographed since I was distracted by one of my cats that managed to get himself hurt and came limping home just as I came out of the garden. The young fava pods can be slicked with some olive oil, grilled or broiled or roasted, sprinkled with some salt (truffle salt, yum), perhaps some ground chile pepper or black pepper or minced green garlic, and eaten whole. We had those for dinner last night along with a simple salad of Sweetie Baby romaine and the first young heads of Ear of the Devil lettuce. I've also been harvesting chives and tarragon which don't get included in the harvest totals.

Here's the totals for the past two weeks:

Fava beans - 9.3 oz.
Green Garlic (weighed after trimming off leaves) - 4.9 oz.
Butterhead Lettuce - 8 oz.
Ear of the Devil Lettuce - 7 oz.
Sweetie Baby Romainie Lettuce - 1 lb., 7.6 oz.
Snow Pea Shoots - 2.6 oz.
Guntmadingen Spinach - 13.2 oz

The total for the past two weeks is - 4 lb., 4.6 oz.
The total for the year is - 30 lb., 10.75 oz.

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne on her blog Daphne's Dandelions, head on over there to see what other garden bloggers have been harvesting lately.


  1. You are enjoying a nice variety of items in your harvest basket this week. Sorry to hear one of your cats injured themselves. I love to scroll down your blog page and see your fur friends in the side bar. They always make me smile. :D

  2. Ear of the Devil Lettuce?! Where would I find seeds for that? Fun! Your harvest looks great!

  3. Green garlic!! Yummm! Great harvest!

  4. I hope your cat is feeling better. Too bad about the garlic. But the harvest looks really good.

  5. kitsapFG, It is nice to have a couple of garden fresh veggies that aren't leafy for a change! Zeke thanks you for your kind thoughts, he's going to be ok now that he's full of antibiotics and a pain killer. I hope he gave what ever critter it was that gnawed on his legs as good as he got...


    Lynda, Thanks! The seeds for the lettuce came from Adaptive Seeds, there's a link on my Favorite Resources page.


    Chandramouli, Green garlic is very yummy!


    Daphne, Zeke is going to be ok, thanks for your concern. The garlic is disappointing, but I planted so much for this year that I should still get enough in spite of it being runty. It still tastes good too!

  6. Awww~~~poor Zeke, get well soon.
    I picked some green garlic today, they are delicious. The crimson fava is growing really well despite strong winds of 60 mph knocking at them almost every other day.

  7. Rusty garlic, ok I'll add that to the long list of garden disease to watch out for... although I missed gardening over winter, I certainly didn't miss having to deal with all the pests and diseases in the garden. Your harvest looks great, and those pea shoots look so tasty.

    Sorry to hear about your cat, hope he's recuperating nicely.

  8. mac, Zeke thanks you for your good thoughts! Sixty mph winds, oh my, that would set my teeth on edge, glad to hear that the favas are enduring it ok. Green garlic is so good, we enjoyed more of it in tonight's dinner.


    thyme2garden, that list of garden pests and diseases is a looong one! The pea shoots are fabulous, I hope the dreaded powdery mildew doesn't show its ugly face in that crop too soon. Zeke and I thank you, he's working on getting well.

  9. I've got rust on my garlic, too. I didn't plant it last year hoping that might help, but I guess not.


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