Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flamingo Chard

Even though I've been perfectly happy growing Golden Chard for the last few years, and in spite of the fact that I have more than enough seeds of Golden Chard to get me by until they are no longer viable, I just could not pass up the opportunity, uh, urge to try a new variety. How could I resist when it has an evocative name such as Flamingo? Well, the plant certainly lives up to its name.

It's difficult to capture the neon pink glow of these stems. And even the striped roots are beautiful, they remind me of Chioggia beets.

And look at the beautiful contrast of the pink stems with the bright green leaves.

Jake gives it two paws up. These are just some of the small leaves from some more thinning that I did in the chard patch.

So pretty, and delicious too! The youngest leaves are mild enough to use in salads. I'm looking forward to trying the more mature leaves and stems as the rest of the plants mature (please don't bolt, please...).

I know that I'll be growing more of this variety of chard.


  1. So pretty - I have similarly coloured one in my garden at the moment. I do find that the coloured varieties don't do as well for me as the green stemmed ones - but I wish they did as they look fabulous.

  2. I grew red chard last year and loved it. Delicious

  3. That really is pretty. I grow such a boring variety. Its stems are white. It is lower in oxalic acid than most which is why I grow it. Well that and it tastes good and is prolific. I do miss the pretty stems though.

  4. Very pretty. I like it with goat cheese after saute, because it stains the cheese. Unfortunately, I don't like chard that much. Only when teeny tiny. I do like how easy it is to grow. Conflicts!

    And I love that you're a name sucker for varieties.

  5. So pretty and nutritious too - one of my favorite greens!

  6. Gorgeous pink, sure wish I had some chard in my garden at this moment, but it is still winter in NY.

  7. What a lovely color! Perfect for Valentine's Day!

  8. I grow "bright lights" which is a blend of the many colored chards and the pink is one of about five colors in the mix. They really had a bright spot in my garden and harvest basket and I like that the chard is actually a little milder flavored. The pink is probably the prettiest (along with the bright yellow) of the whole bunch.

  9. I missed growing rainbow chard and bright lights chard last year, this year I have so much growing space as I've moved home (from Scotland to Wales, UK) and am looking to growing with a vengeance again. Love the look of the flamingo chard, will see if I can find some here. So pleased to have found your blog as we have very similar interests. Warm wishes.

  10. My, that is pretty. Like kitsapFG and Shaeen, I grow the bright lights mix, as much for the gorgeousness as for the easting. It is so lovely in the garden. I mostly use chard in soups and quiches or scrambled eggs, as one of us doesn't much like plain greens, but will eat them if they are mixed in with things.

    Your weather sounds lovely, we've had a mild winter but we had snow and sleet overnight, temps in the 70s sounds so good to me right now!

  11. Your chard looks glorious and tasty. Wherever did you find that variety?

    1. The seeds came from


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