Monday, June 11, 2012

Moving Day

Moving soil, that is. This got delivered a week ago...

And it needs to be moved into this...

But before I could tackle that mountain of soil my husband and I had a date to tackle this mountain of granite...

We both made it to the top of Half Dome and enjoyed the spectacular views of Yosemite.

There will be more on that adventure one of these days on my new hiking blog, but don't hold your breath waiting, I only made it half way through that mountain of soil today.

So, back to reality, and that mountain of soil, my trusty rusty wheel barrow and a couple of shovels, my favorite leather gloves and garden hat... But wait, let's take a bit of a tour of the rest of the garden first. (Could I possibly procrastinate any more?)

The tomatoes are growing like crazy and are starting to bloom. I've opened the ends of the "greenhouse" because we have been enjoying a bit of a heat wave with high temperatures in the 80┬║'s F. (Oh why, oh why did it have to get warm when I finally have time to get cozy with that pile of soil?)

The Sweetie Baby romaine has more than doubled in size in the past 10 days. Salad soon.

The Lark's Tongue kale is getting prettier every day. Kale Caesar anyone?

The Apollo broccoli is also growing like crazy.

And it is promising numerous side shoots.

The Oregon Sugar Pod II snow peas are lush and in full bloom.

I'll be harvesting the first snow peas tomorrow!

And the first Rolande filet beans any day now...

Look at those Greek Gigante beans. They have already sent runners past the tops of their trellises.

And they are sporting beautiful snow white flowers.

 The Super Sugar Snap peas are going through a growth spurt but are not ready to bloom yet.

The Neckark├Ânigin green beans are getting settled in and are just starting to develop their runners.

Zucchini. Stand back, it's ready to grow...

Cucumbers - ready, set, go!

Ok, ok. Back to the mountain, tomorrow, early, really... I have to get it done, the poor peppers and eggplants need a home! But in the meantime, there's a nice cold bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge and some leftover chicken and green beans. I'm not cooking tonight, sorry honey...


  1. Michele,

    All looks great! Except all the work getting that mountain of dirt moved. We'd already be eating that lettuce. Our peas have been done for about two weeks, they were yummy.

  2. Both your mountains look wonderful. Hope you have a third mountain - a produce one, it doesn't look too far off.

  3. When I was filling all my beds I worked 1-2 hours a day at it. Everyday until it was done. I couldn't do any longer. When I was younger I could do that kind of thing all day, but not any more.

  4. I want to take the kids to Yosemite (can you believe I haven't?) but your garden looks GREAT.

  5. Hmm, move mountin of dirt or drink a glass of Sauvignon blanc? No contest. Wine wins every time at my house. Speaking of which.... It's almost 5 o'clock!

  6. What a difference 2 weeks made, the tomatoes are growing fast. I have problems with Rolande beans this year, I just reseeded it again, don't know why.


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