Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Planning and Planting for 2013

The new garden year is starting up. I've dug into my trove of seeds to start some spring vegetables:

Purple Peacock broccoli
Lacinato kale
Little Jade Napa cabbage
Sweetie Baby romaine lettuce
Di Ciccio broccoli
Iceberg Superior lettuce
Rhapsody Butterhead lettuce
English watercress

I start most of my brassicas and all my lettuce in 4-inch pots. When the seedlings have 2 or 3 true leaves I separate them and pot up the best ones into individual pots and grow them on until they have nice root systems and are large enough to set out in the garden.

Super Sugar Snap peas
Golden beets
Chioggia beets
Baby Ball beets

I like to start peas and beets in paper pots. I keep the flats indoors at night where they can enjoy some warmth from my radiant heated floors. They get to spend the days outside in the sun, unless it's raining, which it hasn't been lately. The peas shown above are ready to be set out in the garden, the beets need to wait a while. I only got about 75% germination from the peas, not bad for seeds that are 5 years old and older... I'll be sowing a second round of snap peas from new seeds that I just received. The pea shoots and snow peas shown below aren't as old and have a better germination rate.

Oregon Sugar Pod II snow peas
Pea Shoots (Dou Miao)

And I just received my complimentary trial seeds from Renee's Garden. I'm really thrilled to be able to try a number of their new line of organic seeds, plus a few from their regular line.

Seeds to try for spring.

I'll be making more paper pots in the days to come to start most of these.

These will have to wait a while...

I've also dug out some carrot seeds from my stash to sow directly in the garden. I hope that some of them germinate, I've had them on hand for a year or two because I gave up trying to grow root vegetables when the gophers and moles had free range in my garden beds. Last year I didn't grow any because I didn't get my new garden beds finished in time (still one left to construct....).

Summer vegetables are scheduled to be sown at the end of the month.

I've added a page that shows what I'm planning on growing in the coming year, you can find the link on the bar at the top of the page.


  1. I'm way too lazy to start my peas or beets indoors. I also plant two 16' rows (or did last year) with each pea about 2" apart. That would be about 60 plants or two flats. I also don't have the lights to do that. I do wonder though if I did a small portion of that if I would get a few early peas.

  2. Beautiful little seedlings! I, like Daphne, have never done peas in flats. They usually do pretty well for me just by direct sowing them. Those seeds packets are really pretty!

  3. Wow! Yours look great! Mine have just started sprouting :)

  4. I really ought to do paper pots for my larger seedling starts. It's a very sensible way to do it. Your seedlings are off to a great start. I admire your patience in doing the pricking out of the initial more densely planted starts. Again, it is very economical way to do that but my patience is not that great for that kind of work. ;)


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