Monday, April 15, 2013

Harvest Monday - April 15, 2013

The harvests were very light last week. I started thinning the iceberg and butterhead lettuces, snipped the first pea shoots, and culled some undersized green garlic.

Superior Iceberg and Rhapsody Butterhead lettuce thinnings

We enjoyed a nice fresh green salad with the lettuce thinnings. The garlic was used in a stirfry of asparagus and chicken in black bean sauce. And the pea shoots haven't been consumed yet, but I'll do a simple saute with them with another stalk of green garlic.

So here's the harvests for the past week:

Iceberg Superior lettuce - 1 oz.
Rhapsody butterhead lettuce - .9 oz.
Lorz Italian green garlic - .6 oz. (trimmed)
Dou Miao (snow pea shoots) - 3 oz.

For a whopping week's harvest total of - 5.5 oz.
Which gives the annual harvest total a boost to - 53 lb., 10.5 oz.

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne on her blog Daphne's Dandelions, please head on over there to see what beautiful harvests other garden bloggers are enjoying.


  1. I'm new harvesting pea shoots. Does trimming them back affect the ultimate pea harvest? I am thinking it will make the vines branch out. I'm growing enough snow peas to get a taste this year, and they are a vining type.

    1. If you want to harvest both shoots and peas then you should harvest the shoots lightly. You will get more side shoots when you trim the plants but too much trimming will slow the growth of the plants and ultimately interfere with pea production. And not all varieties of peas have tasty shoots, some of them are too fibrous even when young or may not be as tasty as other varieties. I'm growing a variety of snow pea that has been selected for shoot production and I don't expect to harvest any peas from the plants. I may ultimately let them set some peas so that I can save the seeds.

  2. You are always harvesting something no matter what the weather is. Someday, I will grow up and learn to do this more.

  3. Those young lettuce plants really look tender. :-)

  4. Your chicken with asparagus in black bean sauce stir fry sounds delicious. I am so jealous of your Dou Miao.

  5. Looking like a similar harvest to mine. Very nice!

  6. Oh that lettuce looks melt in your mouth good! I honestly never harvest pea shoots... I should... but I am always greedy for the peas themselves!

  7. Those leaves are perfect - none of the holes mine tend to be riddled with.

  8. Beautiful lettuce. I wish I had some. I was looking at mine yesterday wondering if I'd low down its growth too much by picking some leaves. They are still so small.

  9. Oh those lettuce leaves do look good, I'm another who hasn't tried pea-shoots either........

  10. That lettuce is such a perfect, rich green. Looks delicious! I've never harvested pea shoots.. I should try them sometime.


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