Monday, July 15, 2013

Harvest Monday - July 15, 2013

I could not do it. I just could not photograph another zucchini harvest. If you've been by here in the last two months you know what my zucchini look like. But maybe you missed one of the photos of my carrots.

These are Sugarsnax carrots. I've got one small patch of them left in the garden and I've been pulling a few of them at a time as I want them. It sure surprised me when I pulled a foot long carrot! There's something extremely satisfying about pulling a root like that out of the soil, it's like unearthing buried treasure. Harvesting carrots is like playing the slots, the next pull is going to be a big one, oh no, another wonky one, the next one....

My husband, whom I'll just call the carrot thief for now, said it was delicious. Can you believe it, I have to hide my carrots if I want to get a taste. The carrot thief is addicted. He takes two or three or four carrots in his lunch every day. I pulled that bunch one day and the next day when I went to use them the trophy carrot was gone. At least he could have taken the wonky roots and left me the big one. But nooo, I can just imagine his glee when he spotted that ONE. Hmm, gotta find a new hiding spot for my carrots. I guess the garden is the best place, but I like my carrots cold and crisp, I guess an ice water bath will have to do.

Anyway, even though there are no photos of zucchini that doesn't mean I didn't harvest any, as well as some of the other usual suspects. Nothing new. It's getting a bit boring in the garden right now. I have been trying new zucchini recipes though, check out my Zucchini Hummus, it's good!

Thank goodness the weather has cooled off, the natural air conditioning (aka fog) has been turned on HIGH. One of the major benefits of the cooler weather is that it has slowed the zucchini harvest down. What I don't like though are those nighttime lows that dip down into the 40's. Brrr, the tomatoes are shivering.

Here's the harvests for the past week:

Runner green beans (Moonlight and St. George) - 7.2 oz.
Di Ciccio broccoli - 5.4 oz.
Purple Peacock broccoli - 2.6 oz.
Garden Oasis cucumbers - 6.4 oz.
Tasty Green Japanese cucumber - 3.1 oz.
Tortarello Abruzzese cucumbers - 14.5 oz.
Red Janice garlic - .7 oz.
Ortolano di Faenza zucchini - 1 lb., 4.5 oz.
Romanesco zucchini - 4 lb., 5.2 oz.

The total harvests for the past week came to - 8 lb., 12.2 oz.
Which brings the total harvests for the year (corrected for a spread sheet error) up to - 225 lb., 2.6 oz.

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne on her blog Daphne's Dandelions, head on over there to see what other garden bloggers from around the world have been harvesting lately.


  1. Thanks for sparing us another photo of your amazing piles of zucchini (I recall it's already over 200 pounds - just kidding :). Home grown carrots are so much sweeter than store bought, you can't blame him (and I always set my special stash aside so it can't be poached).

    1. PS, check out my Field Trip post to see how the experts do with Purple Peacock.

  2. That foot long carrot is impressive! Can't believe he would steal your gardening wonder.. you need to hide them in a food container of something he doesn't like.

  3. Hey, consider yourself lucky for getting help in eating the vegetables. The boys avoid them in my house. But, did he have to take the prize?

    We're having a heatwave in the Northeast. I wouldn't mind some natural fog to cool down the temperature. Tomatoes seem really slow this year, don't they? Normally I've gotten bowlfuls by now, instead of singles here and there.

  4. Ha, I could use a bit of your zucchini problem! Wouldn't mind some carrots as beautiful as yours too. I pulled two of mine today and they were tiny and pale. No carrots yet for us!

  5. You will just have to allot more real estate to carrots planting. We are in for a whole week of 90's and it is dry.

  6. Great looking harvest. We just can't grow long carrots in our soil. Our soil is pretty heavy clay so we have to grow the shorter varieties or we don't get any at all!

  7. We have had mixed experiences with carrots...this year has been a total bust...highly disappointing. Your carrots are gorgeous...and *so* long!!! Enjoy every bite you can steal away from your thief!

  8. I'm so sorry you have to fight for your carrots. Hmmm. . . do you sing while pulling them, "You have to fight, fight, fight. . ."

    They're lovely. I'm drowning in zucchini and cucumbers. If the tomatoes would hurry up, I could enjoy them together, but nooooo.

  9. I too am married to a carrot addict. I'm trying Sugarsnax for the first time and it was my first carrot sowing this spring. Do those things ever fatten up? Last year I was harvesting all the Yaya carrots he could eat by now, but this year I am still waiting for the Sugarsnax to get fatter than a pencil. Very disappointing. My second planting, Yayas planted 3 weeks, later are about to catch up.

  10. Ha ha ha! Nice carrot! Maybe you'll get another trophy! They look like great carrots. I know the feeling with the zucchini. Pretty sure my family is sick of them. I'll have to freeze more and I have given several away.

  11. 40's at night. I can't imagine. That is what I love about DD's I get to see what everyone else has because I can't get blossoms to set here the temps are too hot and it's too humid. *Shrug*

  12. Whoa that's a long legged carrot you have there, they are so cute.


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