Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Super Carrot

I just had to show this one off. 

I've never grown a carrot this big before.

I didn't know they can get to be this long.
The seed description says it grows to 9 to 11 inches long.

It's so big it won't fit into my harvest basket.
It's a Sugarsnax carrot, perhaps it should be called SuperSugarSnax.

Nearly eighteen inches (45 cm) from tip to top, not including the greens.
Well, if you cut off the whip tail it's only 15 inches, but still...
Those deep raised beds are paying off.

And it's mine.
All mine.
The Carrot Thief isn't going to get a bite.
My last trophy carrot (eaten by the carrot thief) was only 12 inches long.
Sorry hon, you'll just have to admire the photo.


  1. Wow! That carrot is quite impressive.

  2. Nice carrot. During good carrot years they can get to 14" for me, which does not include the greens or the root end - just the part you would eat. I've had them get 1 1/2" wide too. But not normally. They have to really like the year and be given a long time to grow in the fall. We had one fall that just went on. I rarely get that large of a carrot now because they just don't have the time. I'm always hoping though. Enjoy your carrot.

  3. That's a looong carrot! What did you feed it? Hide it, Michelle, hide it well!

  4. Wow! That's huge! :) It looks great!

  5. Fab carrot - long and beautifully straight. I wonder if it would have kept going had you not pulled it. Eat it quick before the vultures find it.

  6. What a carrot! Of course you should show it off!

  7. Every right showing off! That is one amazing carrot, and clearly you got last years soil mix was right. Love the background view it had.

  8. Wow that's a beauty! Have you eaten it yet?

  9. That's a testament to your preparation of the soil in your beds. Long, and straight as well. And you were able to pull it without breaking it!


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