Monday, April 7, 2014

Harvest Monday - April 7, 2014

The garden is in full spring mode right now. I've continued to thin out the fennel patch. Most of the fronds from this harvest went into salads and the baby bulbs were braised with a couple of local grown artichokes.

More color for my green salads.

The rest of the Early Rapini had to be harvested before it got to be too big.

Another big basketful of spinach.

I cut the pea shoot vines down to a few inches tall.

These are the tender tops, the rest of the vines went into the compost. These were sauteed with some mixed mushrooms and a dash of fish sauce, simple and delicious.

Another head of butterhead lettuce.

Yet more color for the salad bowl.

The chard was elbowing out the neighboring vegetables so I harvested the largest leaves. I used leaves from the Flamingo chard to enclose a filling of spinach, ricotta, parmigiano, and sage leaves fried in butter, then I baked the rolls in the browned butter with some more parmigiano scattered on top. My husband declared it a successful culinary experiment.

The fava harvest continues.

This is yet one more head of butterhead lettuce. We've been eating a lot of salad lately.

A basketful of baby Tuscan arugula.

Here's the harvests for the past week:

Tuscan arugula - 7.5 oz.
Capers - 3 oz.
Extra Precoce Violetto fava beans - 2 lb., 8.7 oz.
Flamingo chard - 1 lb., 3.1 oz.
Golden chard - 1 b., 11.8 oz.
Romanesco fennel - 7.8 oz.
Kagraner Sommer butterhead lettuce - 1 lb., 15.7 oz.
Purple mizuna - 8.3 oz.
Spring onions - 1.9 oz.
Purple pac choi - 3.8 oz.
Pea shoots - 8.1 oz.
Early rapini - 2 lb., 12 oz.
Monstreux d'Viroflay spinach - 2 lb., 9.2 oz.

The harvests for the past week were - 15 lb., 4.9 oz.
And the total harvests for 2014 are now - 57 lb., 3.7 oz.

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne on her blog Daphne's Dandelions, head on over there to see what other garden bloggers have been harvesting lately.


  1. Such beautiful greens! You must be in salad heaven right now.

  2. The stuffed chard sounds delightful! We are always looking for more ways to eat chard! Beautiful harvest!

  3. I love the variation in salad leaves certainly makes for an interesting salad plate!

  4. That lettuce looks so good. I've been craving salads recently. I can't wait until my lettuce grows up but it will be a quite a while yet.

  5. Beautiful harvest as always, love the colors of mizuna and red mustard.

  6. the chard wraps with ricotta and Parmesan sound great. Beautiful harvest, and so much of it. Wow.

  7. I love your harvest! We are just beginning to see some progress in the garden, but nothing to harvest yet (with the exception of italian parsley that wasn't affected at all by winter).


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