Saturday, July 26, 2014

Audrey III in The Little Garden of....

I do believe that Audrey II must have gotten kinky with a squash plant and that one of their offspring is my Romanesco zucchini. It was such a pretty plant last month, and so well behaved.

June 11
By July it started having designs on its neighbors, but fortunately I had some barriers in place and it has respected them.

July 2

But now it has decided that the paths are fair game and it is moving right on in. Before long I won't be able to take the path between the two beds.

July 26

Fortunately, Audrey III didn't inherit one of its parents' taste for Homo sapiens. But it is a good idea to wear long sleeves when harvesting the zucchinis, Audrey III is bristly and does like to scratch. My Audrey started producing back on June 4 and since then it has given me over 41 pounds of zucchinis.

Next year I think I'm going to give the Romanesco zucchini one entire end of a bed instead of just a corner (last year it had to share a corner and the other plant got smothered). Who would have thought this little thing could get to be so HUGE.


  1. That zucchini plant is just incredible. My largest is markedly sparse, although the leaves it does have are pretty big, so I guess that's something.

  2. I would love to have an Audrey in my garden, but I don't have the space, and what do I do with all the zukes? New to my garden this year is a Korean summer squash, it's putting out tendrils and wants to climb that's a good sign, save some space and easy harvest, actually I don't know what to expect from this squash, I can't read Korean on the seed packet but I'm growing it :P

  3. I hope you can tame it enough to keep it from taking the path over. I have a few plants that want to do that, but not to the extent of yours.

  4. If only all vegetables were as prolific! The trouble with zucchini is that they produce so many fruits that it is easy to tire of them.

  5. I wondered about the authenticity of your F1 Romanesco, your early pictures of it looked so sedate. The OP version I have grown (when it was having a good year) would throw itself out of the bed into the paths. It didn't seem to be planned, just a sudden lurch. You had to tolerate its behavior because that was where all the new flowers and fruit were produced.

  6. What amazing growth! It reminds me of a few Winter Squash that I have grown. It's a good thing that you have so many fabulous zucchini recipes - 41 lbs and counting is a lot of !


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