Monday, November 14, 2016

Harvest Monday - November 14, 2016

The harvests are an interesting mix of seasons this week. We had rainy weather in October which kept the fall veggies happy and now we are having unusually warm weather which is keeping the last of the summer veggies happy. It isn't often that I get to photograph Brussels sprouts and peppers together in the same basket.

Gustus Brussels Sprouts and Mareko Fana Peppers
That's the first harvest of Gustus Brussels Sprouts and the final harvest of Markeo Fana peppers.

Hestia Brussels Sprouts
And that's the first harvest of Hestia Brussels sprouts. The Hestia sprouts aren't anywhere near as good as Gustus. I tossed a lot of the sprouts directly into the compost because they were very loose and full of aphids. A lot of what I kept were pretty loose also but they were fine for shredding and they tasted good in a quick saute of shredded sprouts with red onion and dried cranberries.

Jaune Flamme and Pomme d'Amour tomatoes
And another seasons mixer of tomatoes and peas. I actually ended up tossing the peas because I inadvertently left them out for a few days and they got wilted and lost their flavor.

Pantano and Mavritanskite Tomatoes
Definitely not peak season tomatoes but they tasted good. (Ignore that blob on the photos, I didn't notice the smudge on the lense!)

Calabrese Broccoli
The broccoli is not incredibly productive but what it's producing is very good. The leaves are tender and tasty also so it's almost more a harvest of leafy greens than broccoli heads.

Corsican and Italian Mountain Basils
I don't tally my herb harvests but wanted to show that the second round of basil plants are still growing and providing some nice harvests. The plants aren't as big and lush as summer basil plants but it tastes great.

Jericho Romaine Lettuce
All of the Jericho romaine lettuce bolted so I cut all the heads and I'm weighing it as I use it.

I also tallied the rest of the dry beans that I grew this year. The results were not impressive.

Here's the details of the harvests for the past week:

Blue Speckled Tepary beans - 14.7 oz.
Greek Gigande beans - 1.1 lb.
Hopi White Tepary beans - 10 oz.
Calabrese broccoli - 8.1 oz.
Gustus Brussels sprouts - 11.3 oz.
Hestia Brussels sprouts - 13.5 oz.
Jericho Romaine lettuce - 1.3 lb.
Mareko Fana peppers - 6.7 oz.
Jaune Flamme tomatoes - 1.2 lb.
Mavritanskite tomatoes - 7.2 oz.
Pantano tomatoes - 1.1 lb.
Pomme d'Amour tomatoes - 15.5 oz.

Total harvests for the past week - 10.1 lb. (4.6 kg.)
2016 YTD - 889 lb. (403.2 kg.)

Harvest Monday is hosted by Dave on his blog Our Happy Acres, head on over there to see what other garden bloggers have been harvesting lately.


  1. You're early this morning! Did you see the big moon? (Oh, no; I just remembered the short term forecast/special warning put out by the NWS for dense fog in Carmel Valley.) The simultaneous harvest of late summer, fall and early winter vegetables is amusing. I like B-sprouts. I am usually able to buy a stalk around Thanksgiving and it keeps well outside.

    1. I'm still on Daylight Savings Time! I can hardly stay up past 9 PM and am up at the crack of dawn. And the predicted blanket of fog did not materialize, it was crystal clear this morning so I did enjoy the moonset. I used to buy stalks of sprouts also, but it's hard to find organic ones that don't cost a small fortune and impossible to find organic ones on the stalk. That's one veggie that I'm still willing to battle the aphids and critters for.

  2. It's a lovely mix of harvests, and neat to see broccoli, basil and b-sprouts coming in the same week! It's soup weather here, and I cooked up a pot of minestrone this weekend and used fresh tomatoes from the garden. I almost never see soup season and tomato season overlap, but a couple of my paste tomatoes just wouldn't quit. I'll have to enjoy looking at your basil until spring though, because mine looks sad after our freeze! We sure enjoyed the Corsican basil though, and so did the pollinators when it started blooming.

  3. Beautiful tomatoes, they certainly look "peak" condition to me. I'm ashamed of my basil experience this past season - pots of it went straight into the compost. It is a last minute cooking herb for me and I was so busy this summer I didn't get much cooking in and just didn't seem to have a chance to give it away. Ah well ... to be honest, I still had pesto in the freezer from the previous season. :)

  4. It is an unusual mix. We have covered our brassicas with enviromesh to try to keep them aphid free.

  5. The basil is so pretty and that basket of tomatoes and peas...yum!

    Oh, those sprouts look great! I actually got a stalk from the farm last week (1st time I've ever had an actual stalk of them) and I'm hoping to add those to the rotation next year...just have to find a spot for them. I wonder why the aphids went for one variety over the other - I guess they like the loose leafy bits more?

  6. You have done better than me with the Brussels Sprouts this year. Mine ate still very tiny, and I can't see myself harvesting any this side of Christmas. I see that 2016 is going to have been the hottest year ever recorded, so I suppose it is no surprise that many of the veggies have kept going longer than normal. The traditional 4 seasons are all screwed-up!


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