Monday, May 8, 2017

Harvest Monday - May 8, 2017

It seems like I'm in a bit of a blogging rut, if it weren't for Harvest Monday I might not get around to posting about anything. Anyway, I was really happy to be able to harvest some fresh spring salad greens yesterday.

Apollo Arugula
It started with a nice cutting of Apollo arugula and continued with Ruby Streaks mizuna and then a few mini heads of Red Butter Romaine and Joker Crisphead lettuces. The baby lettuces have a tendency to collapse down to nearly nothing on the plate when you cut them and toss them with a dressing so I served these whole on the plate with the dressing on the side. The mini heads were much perkier and prettier than a little pile of wilted leaves and much more fun to eat.

Red Butter Romaine, Ruby Streaks Mizuna, Joker Crisphead

Kongo and Kolibri Kohlrabi

Another new harvest last week were all of the winter sown kohlrabis. I've only use one so far to grate into salads, the rest of them are keeping in the fridge.

Palla Rossa Radicchio
A couple more winter sown Palla Rossa radicchios were ready to harvest, uh, one was actually past ready. The bolting radicchio was also not the typical ball shape. Most OP radicchio varieties will produce off types which are still perfectly good to eat.

Palla Rossa Radicchio

Mini Purple Daikon Radishes
I noticed that most of the remaining Mini Purple Daikon radishes were bolting. Most still had pretty small roots but the greens were beautiful so I kept those as well since they were pretty mild tasting. I blanched the greens and then chopped and sauteed them.

Babies and Bolters
 I thinned out the spring sown carrots and found a bunch of them were bolting. The photo is deceiving, most of those are quite small.

Batavia Broccoli
On the other hand, that bunch of broccoli side shoots is pretty big, one of them is as big as most main heads that I harvest.

Robin Hood Fava Beans
The fava bean harvests are getting into full swing. They've all been Robin Hood so far but the Extra Precoce Violetto beans are ready to start harvesting also, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. There's enough now that I can't use them all fresh so there's a stash started in the freezer.

That's the latest that's been coming out of my garden. Head on over to Dave's blog Our Happy Acres to find links to other Harvest Monday posts.


  1. What wonderful harvests! That's good to know about the radicchio, esp. as I'm planning on growing some as a fall crop (I messed up and forgot to seed it in time for spring).

    And I'm so envious of the greens - with our very cool weather, everything is moving at a snails pace. Even the Speedy arugula isn't that speedy this year ;)

  2. Totally agreeing with Margaret, including the snail's pace--in my case it's a chilled snail. The salad basket is so pretty.

  3. That's a really great harvest Michelle, a bit of everything is there.

  4. What lovely looking kohl rabi there!


  5. Your winter kohlrabi and radicchio look amazing. It can get pretty hectic in the spring with all the seeding, potting up, and planting out. So it's understandable with getting behind the blogging. It's great how well broccoli does for you, the side shoots are ginormous.

  6. I'm having kohlrabi envy looking at yours, but mine are starting to size up. Joker is one Wild Garden lettuce I haven't grown, but it looks a lot like Jester which I do grow. They have so many lettuce varieties I have to restrain myself from growing them all! And I'll echo what Phuong said about the blogging. This time of year it seems like I can do it, or blog about it, but I don't have the time or energy to do both.

  7. We are in the midst of the hungry gap. The only things we harvested last week were a couple of cauliflowers and yesterday a bunch on chives and some flowers.


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