Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Baby Quail! Almost Too Cute For Words

This just made my day. I can't help but smiling and feeling happy at the sight of a family of quail. The babies look like they are barely out of the eggs. The babies do leave the nest within a day of hatching and I believe that's the case here. I'm out and around the garden pretty much every day and I haven't seen any quail in the last few days. I have heard their distinctive calls though so I know they've been around.

Mom Keeping Close Watch
 Those babies are the cutest little balls of fluff.

Dad Standing Guard Nearby
Mom and Dad took the troop of 7 fluff balls all around the property. They got a complete tour down and around the driveway, up the side of the property, across the hillside, out and around the veggie garden and back again. It's almost as if they are showing them their home turf. This is it gang, just stay where we showed you and you'll be good!

Run For Cover!

Good luck gang!

Callipepla Californicus, California Quail is the official state bird of California.


  1. They're so little! How adorable, I just love seeing them walk about.

  2. They are cute indeed! I have never seen quail that young before. You got some great shots of them.

  3. So adorable! I have never seen a family this close, how awesome!


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