Monday, September 24, 2018

Harvest Monday - September 24, 2108

The peppers on the plants that came back from 2017 are ripening and fortunately the rodents don't find most of them to be pleasing to their palates because these plants are just sitting out in the open, totally unprotected.

Baby Aji Amarillo, Aji Angelo, Ethiopian Brown
Odessa Market
But the DR's aren't easily convinced that the peppers aren't to their liking. I found a lot of Aji Angelos that had had their tips chewed off. Most of those were spoiled but a few like this one were salvageable. 
Rodent Nibbled Aji Angelo
I'm not sure why but the DR's didn't sample more than a couple of Aji Goldens. I've got all of the Baby Aji Amarillo peppers fermenting at the moment and after about a week I'll then dehydrate them to make mild pepper flakes. I haven't decided what to do with the rest of the Aji's yet.

Aji Golden
Fort Pepper yielded up a couple of harvests.

Aji Marchant
That bunch of Aji Marchant are undergoing lacto fermentation to make a mild pickle. Mehmet's sweet peppers are good as a frying pepper but rather than frying them on top of the stove I roasted them in a cast iron skillet in the oven. It takes longer in the oven but I like the end result better. I wrote up my method on my recipe blog HERE.

Mehmet's Turkish Sweet

I'm experimenting with making lacto fermented pickled beets with some of the Badger Flame beets that I harvested the previous week. They were so pretty sliced up that I had to take a photo which really doesn't do them justice.

Badger Flame Beets

The Pink Plume celery is doing quite well this year and I'm getting generous cut-and-come-again harvests.

Pink Plume Celery

Pink Plume Celery

The spring sown Orion fennel which produced just so-so bulbs in the summer is sprouting a second round of bulbs and most of the roots have 2 or more shoots so I've been thinning them out.

Orion Fennel

The Short Stuff  carrots also needed thinning which produced some pretty nice baby carrots.

Short Stuff Carrot Thinnings

Harvest Monday is hosted by Dave on his blog Our Happy Acres, head on over there to see what other garden bloggers have been harvesting lately.


  1. I'm glad to see the DRs are leaving something for you! I'll have to try your cast iron skillet treatment for pepper. We usually grill them, but on a rainy day like today it would be nice to have an indoor method. The Aji Golden peppers seem to be liking your climate. Mine are coming on strong now too, as is Aji Angelo.

  2. Your peppers are so beautiful and plentiful despite all your troubles. The beet is really stunning. Just wish I liked them!

  3. What a great variety of peppers! That beet is gorgeous. This is my first year growing celery and I am having a hard time with it even though everything I read was that it was easy and usually without problems. I had a whole batch get wilty and rot.

  4. That golden beet does look good! We grew one this year for the first time and it was lovely and sweet (Boldor) and it s definitely on the list for next year. Glad the rodents left you some! I took a look at your skillet roasting method and I shall be trying that with some of our Padron peppers, thank you

  5. Maybe the DRs just like red. Maybe they think iot's a sign of ripeness. Then again do DRs see in colour?


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