Monday, October 8, 2018

Harvest Monday - October 8, 2018

There wasn't really anything different from the garden this past week.

I picked peppers again but less of them because we spent the weekend away and I didn't get a chance to really get into Fort Pepper before we went.

Turkish Sweet

One of my favorite things to do with the Topepo and Gogosar peppers is to bake them with a stuffing. This time I stuffed them with a mixture of bulk pork sausage and rice with onion, celery, celeriac and herbs which came out delicious and as usual I didn't get around to photographing the finished product.

Topepo Giallo

Another handful of Castandel beans.

More stalks of Pink Plume celery. This time I did a hand shot to give a better perspective of  the good sized stalks that the plants are producing this year.

The old battered broccoli plants gave me a few shoots and I thinned the parsnips and carrots.

I made a farro salad last week that used some veggies from the garden but what got me excited about the salad was that I used one of my new preserved veggies for the first time and they were such a success that it makes me wish I had made more. Corn chicos are dried kernels of roasted sweet corn and they are so good it makes me wish I could grow corn again. And they are so good that they deserve their own post so stay tuned.

That was it for the week. 

Harvest Monday is hosted by Dave on his blog Our Happy Acres, head on over there to see what other garden bloggers have been harvesting lately.


  1. The pink plume celery looks wonderful. And it doesn't mind the heat of summer? Did you grow from seed? I've had trouble getting celery seed to germinate. Nice to see your garden harvests.

  2. It doesn't generally get very hot here. I'm only 10 miles from the ocean so we get cooling breezes and morning/evening fog. The celery tolerates the heat we do get so long as it gets enough water. I do grow it from seed and I always start it in pots and sow thickly because it is fussy when it's tiny.

  3. Those peppers look lovely. We are hoping our parsnips have good roots. It’d always a tense moment when we lift the first ones. I’ll be really disappointed of they have produced spindly roots,

    1. I know what you mean. The thinnings from my parsnips seem to indicate that I'll get some decent roots this year. There's still months to go though and who know what might happen in the meantime.

  4. I love farro in salad! Gogosar and Topepo look like they were made for stuffing too. It's amazing your broccoli plants are still going. They wilt in our summers, so I plant them again in August for a fall crop.

  5. Mmm, stuffed peppers. I love them, especially when they aren't bland green bells. Looking forward to your Chicos post.

  6. Great selection of harvests. It is that "between seasons" time and starting to pull winter roots is always a tense moment as you never know what's down there!

  7. Still a lovely harvest and far greater than mine! I considered growing celery this year but decided not to...hopefully I'll get to that next season.


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