Monday, December 3, 2018

Harvest Monday - December 3, 2018

Harvests were pretty light last week because there was enough rain to keep me out of the garden most days. I found a local weather station on Weather Underground that reported 3.32 inches of rain in the past week. That's not a lot of rain compared to what Dave has been getting at Happy Acres this year but it is enough to get things wet enough to make the landscape start to turn green again. And I've finally been able to turn off the irrigation system in my garden. And even better I think it could finally bring an end to the fire season.

The lettuce really seems to appreciate the rain, I harvested 2 beautiful heads of Three Heart butterhead.

The purple daikon radishes needed to be thinned which netted me a nice bunch of greens. I blanched these and chopped them up to add to cheese stuffed roasted peppers. The greens were very mild and made a good substitute for spinach. You can see from the photo that it will still be quite a while before I harvest some nice roots.

And there were and still are more peppers to be picked.

I've been slowly clearing out the pepper bed as the plants yield their last peppers. Most of the sweet pepper plants are gone now. I took out the Caribbean Seasoning plants even though they were big and bushy because they weren't really producing anything. And I also removed the Yellow Pointy peppers because I had more than enough of those. There are still some Habanada plants with quite a few ripening peppers left but I'm not sure how they will fare now that the weather has turned cold and wet. They are Chinense plants which don't hold up well in cold weather and always succumb to fungal diseases unlike baccatum plants which are much more resistant to cold weather and the diseases that come with it. There's still quite a few baccatum peppers left on the plants which could give me a few more harvests through the end of the year.

That's the latest from my garden, head on over to Dave's blog Our Happy Acres to find links to more Harvest Monday posts.


  1. 3.3 inches of rain is a lot anywhere, and especially helpful in your area after a long dry season. I can almost taste the Three Heart lettuce! I grew it last year but never got around to sowing any this year. I love the butter lettuce but some of the bigger ones seem problematic for me here.

  2. The Three Heart butterhead lettuce is gorgeous. I'm not familiar with it but enjoy trying new lettuce. I like the texture of the butterhead lettuce.

  3. Hurray for some good rains! I'm sure you are glad to have that lovely head of lettuce - I miss fresh salad greens!

  4. That's a gorgeous head of lettuce and it's amazing you're still getting so many peppers. I tried cooking some radish greens, but that variety was fairly fuzzy which I found off-putting.


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