Monday, September 7, 2020

Harvest Monday - September 7, 2020

There's a few different things in the harvest basket this week. I harvested 2 main heads of broccolini on Sunday and there would have been 3 but a ground squirrel got one of them. After losing that first head of broccolini to the pest I liberally sprinkled the rest of the heads and the developing broccoli heads with ground up hot Thai peppers and that seems to be deterring the you-know-what so far.

Broccolini and San Pasquale Zucchini

And I got the first cutting of Thai Tender amaranth greens, in spite of the same danged squirrel that sampled quite a few of the leaves. I used this harvest in a baked dish of Greek Gigande beans in tomato sauce.

Thai Tender Amaranth

The first ripe Odessa Market peppers were ready to harvest. I grew these peppers from seeds that I had saved and it looks like one of the plants is a cross between Odessa Market and some other sweet pepper that was in the garden.

San Pasquale Zucchini and Tatume Squash
Odessa Market Peppers

The cherry tomatoes are ripening quickly now, especially the Sweet Golds. The Brad's Atomic Grape plants are not very healthy and many of the tomatoes are getting blossom end rot so there aren't very many of those which is disappointing because they are very tasty.

Sweet Gold, Piccolo Dattero and 
Brad's Atomic Grape

The Brinker Carrier beans produced a second crop. The vines are still putting out new growth so perhaps I'll get a third round. I'm getting a few Jamaican Burr Gherkins almost every day which adds up over time so I'm getting more than enough of those. 

Brinker Carrier Beans
Jamaican Burr Gherkins

I let the Tatume squash produce one last good round and then I cut the vines back. The plants are very vigorous growers and I had allowed the vines to run through the empty spaces in the bed but they were producing a glut of squash so I cut them back to just the vines growing on the trellis. I probably won't get a showing like this again. The San Pasquale plant is producing 1 or 2 and sometimes 3 zucchini a day and it looks like that will continue for a few weeks or until powdery mildew sets in with a vengeance.

Tatume Squash and San Pasquale Zucchini

The Tromba d'Albenga vines have been producing a few squash and then they take a rest, that's been the pattern through the summer. The vines are still healthy and resisting the powdery mildew that has been showing up lately. I expect that I could be harvesting from the plants through November if the weather allows.

Tatume Squash and Tromba d'Albenga Squash

Harvest Monday is hosted by Dave on his blog Our Happy Acres, head on over there to see what other garden bloggers have been harvesting lately.


  1. Our tomatoes are very slow to ripen this year - not enough sunshine.

  2. I am still amazed how productive Tatume is for you. I did great for me in years past, but I can't say I ever had a glut! My Trombas are behaving like yours, bearing periodically but not continuously.

  3. What a clever idea to outsmart your ground squirrel. And BTW, I get to collect one or two Reeds daily while my neighbor is away for a month. I'll be distributing to the neighbors. Wish you were closer!

  4. I love the look of the Tatume squash - that's another one that's on the list to grow at some point. The tomatoes are also so pretty! That's too bad about the blossom end rot - the only good news with BER is that it's not a life sentence in that some years are just worse than others. This year quite a few of my Opalka's were hit, but last year none were.

  5. my goodness your harvest is absolutely magnificent. So blessed with such abundance. And that is the straightest Tromba squash i have ever seen :) the Jamaican Burr Gherkins fascinate me too. How are you enjoying them?

    1. I'm liking them, they taste just like cucumbers but with some added texture from the burrs. I've read that they were commonly pickled like cornichons but I haven't had enough to try that. It's funny how once in a while a Tromba squash will grow straight but most of them are curved.


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