2016 Planned Varieties

Here's an excerpt from a spreadsheet that I'm working on that shows all the varieties that I'm planning on growing in 2016. The sheet will also include sowing dates for each variety and notes that I might find helpful. New varieties for 2106 are marked with an *. Links to seed sources are at the end of the list.

Amaranth, Tender LeafEvergreen
Amaranth, Thai TenderBaker Creek
Arugula, Apollo*SSE
Arugula, SpeedySaved (Territorial)
Arugula, TuscanAdaptive
Basil, AureliaRenee's
Basil, CorsicanGrow Organic
Basil, Profumo di GenovaRenee's
Bean, Dry, Blue Speckled Tepary*Native
Bean, Dry, Hopi White Tepary*Native
Bean, Dry, Pole, GiganteSaved
Bean, Snap, Bush, Red Swan*SSE
Bean, Snap, Bush, Roc d'Or*Renee's
Bean, Snap, Bush, Royalty Purple Pod*Renee's
Bean, Snap, Bush, SlenderetteRenee's
Bean, Snap, Pole, Brinker Carrier*SSE
Bean, Snap, Pole, Golden GateFedco
Bean, Snap, Pole, MusicaRenee's
Bean, Snap, Pole, RattlesnakeRenee's
Beets, Baby BallRenee's
Beets, ChioggiaGourmet Seed
Beets, Red BaronRenee's
Beets, Renee's GoldenRenee's
Beets, Three GrexFedco
Broccoli, ApolloSwap
Broccoli, Atlantis (Brokali)Swap
Broccoli, BataviaRenee's
Broccoli, Calabrese*Peaceful Valley
Broccoli, Di CiccioGrow Organic
Broccoli, RomanescoSeeds From Italy
Broccoli, Purple PeacockTerritorial
Broccoli, Spigariello LisciaSeeds From Italy
Broccoli, Spigariello RicciaSeeds From Italy
Brussels Sprouts, GustusFedco
Brussels Sprouts, Hestia*Renee's
Cabbage, Express RedGrow Organic
Cabbage, Little JadeRenee's
Cabbage, PixieRenee's
Cabbage, Portuguese Tronchuda BeiraRenee's
Cabbage, Tokyo BekanaFedco
Carrot, Bolero Nantes*Renee's
Carrot, Nelson*Fedco
Carrot, Purple Sun*Renee's
Carrot, Pusa Asita Black*Baker Creek
Carrot, Pusa Rudhira Red*Baker Creek
Cauliflower, Amazing TasteRenee's
Cauliflower, Purple Cape*Adaptive
Celery, Dorato di AstiGourmet Seed
Celery, Pink Plume*SSE
Celery Root, MonarchFedco
Chard, Italian Silver RibRenee's
Chard, Medieval Syrian*Roughwood
Chard, Peppermint StickRenee's
Chicory, Palla Rossa (Radicchio)*Wild Garden
Chicory, SpadonaSeeds From Italy
Corn, Hopi Chinmark flour*Native
Corn, Puhwem flour*SSE Heritage
Cress, Dutch BroadleafRenee's
Cress, Greek*Adaptive
Cress, Persian Broadleaf*Wild Garden
Cress, RishadSSE Member
Cucumber, Gagon*Roughwood EFN
Cucumber, Green FingersRenee's
Cucumber, Mexican Sour Gherkin*SSE
Cucumber, Tasty TreatRenee's
Cucumber, Vine Peach*Roughwood
Eggplant, BonicaGourmet Seed
Eggplant, Gbognome Collards*Roughwood EFN
Eggplant, Homs 20*Roughwood EFN
Eggplant, SalanganaGourmet Seed
Eggplant, SicilianSaved
Fava beans, Extra Precoco ViolettoGourmet Seed
Fava beans, Robin Hood*Renee's
Fennel, RomanescoRenee's
Gai Lan, Green Lance?
Gai Lan, Te Yu?
Garlic, Early Red ItalianFilaree Farm
Garlic, Chesnock RedFilaree Farm
Garlic, Lorz ItalianFilaree Farm
Garlic, Mild FrenchFilaree Farm
Golden Corn SaladSaved
Kale, Baby TuscanRenee's
Kale, Dazzling Blue*Wild Garden
Kale, Ethiopian Highland*Artisan
Kale, Russina Hunger Gap*Adaptive
Kale, LacinatoSeeds From Italy
Lettuce, Gulley's Favorite butterheadSSE
Lettuce, Iceberg SuperiorSSE
Lettuce, ItalienischerFedco
Lettuce, Joker crisphead*Wild Garden
Lettuce, Kagraner Sommer butterheadRenee's
Lettuce, Little Gem*Peaceful Valley
Lettuce, Little Rosebud Romaine Mix*Wild Garden
Lettuce, Manoa*Wild Garden
Lettuce, Red Butter Romaine*Wild Garden
Lettuce, Reine des GlacesSeeds From Italy
Lettuce, Rhapsody butterheadRenee's
Lettuce, Rosencrantz*Wild Garden
Lettuce, Ruby Gem romaineRenee's
Lettuce, Sweetie Baby RomaineRenee's
Lettuce, Winter DensityFedco
Melon, AlvaroRenee's
Melon, Kiwano Horned*Roughwood EFN
Mizuna, Ruby StreaksFedco
Mustard, Cape Greko*Roughwood
Mustard, Ho-Mi Z Dragon Tongue*Wild Garden
Mustard, Mizunarubasoi*Roughwood
Mustard, Pink Lettucy*Wild Garden
Mustard, Scarlet Ohno Revival - see turnips*Wild Garden
Onion, bunching, L'itoi's*Native
Onion, cipollini, Bianco Di Maggio*Gourmet Seed
Onion, Exhibition*Gourmet Seed
Onion, Piatta D'Italia*Gourmet Seed
Onion, Ramata di Milano*Seeds From Italy
Onion, Savona*Seeds From Italy
Onion, Stoccarda*Seeds From Italy
Onion, Tropea Rossa Tonda*Seeds From Italy
Onion, Yellow Sweet Spanish Utah*Gourmet Seed
Onion, Vernina*Gourmet Seed
Pak Choi, Baby Shanghai*Peaceful Valley
Pak Choi, Green Fortune babyRenee's
Parsley, Georgian Flatleaf*Wild Garden
Parsley, Macedonian*Wild Garden
Parsnips, GladiatorRenee's
Pea, Snow pea shootsSaved
Pea, Snow, Golden SweetSaved (SSE)
Pea, Super Sugar SnapRenee's
Pepper, Aji AngeloSaved
Pepper, Christmas BellSaved
Pepper, Aji AmarilloArtisan
Pepper, Aji Amarillo Grande*Artisan
Pepper, Craig's Grande JalapeƱoBaker Creek
Pepper, Criolla de CocinaBaker Creek
Pepper, Etiuda*Baker Creek
Pepper, Florina GreekSwap/Saved
Pepper, GogosarSSE Heritage
Pepper, IPK P 262 (Turkey)*SSE Heritage
Pepper, IPK P 557 (Italy)*SSE Heritage
Pepper, IPK P 632 (Italy)*SSE Heritage
Pepper, IPK P 633 (Italy)*SSE Heritage
Pepper, IPK P 852 (Italy)*SSE Heritage
Pepper, Lady BellHarris
Pepper, Markeo FanaArtisan
Pepper, Mirasol*Native
Pepper, Negro*Native
Pepper, Odessa MarketBaker Creek
Pepper, Ometepe*SSE Heritage
Pepper, Petite Marseillais*Roughwood
Pepper, Pimento de PadronSeeds From Italy
Pepper, Pimento (Turkey)*SSE Heritage
Pepper Rosso Dolce AppendereSeeds From Italy
Pepper, Shepherd's RamshornAdaptive
Pepper, SonoraGourmet Seed
Pepper, Violet Sparkle*Baker Creek
Pepper, Yummy BelleRenee's
Plaintain, Buck's Horn*Adaptive
Radish, HeliosSSE
Radish, Malaga*Baker Creek
Radish, Petite DejeunerRenee's
Radish, PInk BeautyRenee's
Radish, Pink PunchSSE
Radish, Plum PurpleSSE
Radish, Pusa Gulabi*Baker Creek
Radish, Pusa Jamuni*Baker Creek
Radish, Saisai LeafFedco
Radish, Selzer PurpleSSE
Radish, White BeautyPeaceful Valley
Radish, Winter, China RoseGrow Organic
Radish, Winter, Violet de Gournay*Baker Creek
Radish, Winter, WatermelonRenee's
Rapini, EarlyRenee's
Shallot, ZebruneBaker Creek
Spinach, Merlo Nero*Seeds From Italy
Spinach, Summer PerfectionRenee's
Spinach, VerdilAdaptive
Tomatillo, Zuni*Native
Tomato, Amish Paste (2 plants)Fedco
Tomato, Camp Joy cherryRenee's
Tomato, Chianti RoseRenee's
Tomato, Jaune FlammeSSE
Tomato, MavritankskiteAdaptive
Tomato, Orange Jazz*Artisan
Tomato, PantanoSeeds From Italy
Tomato, Piccolo Dattero cherry*Swap
Tomato, Pomme d'Amour*Roughwood EFN
Tomato, Sweet Gold cherryRenee's
Turnip, MikadoRenee's
Turnip, Round RedFedco
Turnip (Mustard), Scarlet Ohno Revival*Wild Garden
Winter Squash, Candystick Dessert DelicataAdaptive
Winter Squash, Discus Buttercup*Adaptive
Winter Squash, Honey Nut butternutRenee's
Zucchini, RomanescoRenee's
Zucchini, Tromba D'AlbengaSeeds From Italy
Adaptive Seedshttps://www.adaptiveseeds.com
Artisan Seedshttp://www.rareseeds.com
Baker Creekhttp://www.rareseeds.com
Filaree Farmhttp://www.filareefarm.com
Gourmet Seed Internationalhttp://www.gourmetseed.com
Harris Seedshttp://www.harrisseeds.com
Native Seeds/SEARCHhttp://nativeseeds.org
Peaceful Valleyhttp://www.groworganic.com
Renee's Garden Seedshttp://www.reneesgarden.com/index.htm
Roughwood Seed Collectionhttp://www.roughwoodseeds.org
Seed Savers Exchange (SSE)http://www.seedsavers.org
Seed Savers Exchange Heritage Farm (members only)http://www.seedsavers.org
Seeds From Italyhttp://www.growitalian.com
Wild Garden Seedwww.wildgardenseed.com

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