My Caper Obsession

I've been experimenting with growing capers (Capparis spinosa) for more than 10 years. In that time I've turned seeds into moldy messes, purchased and nearly killed baby plants, figured out how to start plants from seeds, killed off quite a few caper seedlings by mishandling them, figured out how to successfully grow caper bushes in pots, killed off a few more plants by planting them in places around the garden that they didn't like, got lucky and planted a few in a spot that they do like, figured out how to cure caper buds, and the experiments continue . . .

Here are some posts that I've written about my experiences with growing and harvesting capers:

Growing Capers From Seed
Capers in Pots (Mostly)
Pink Caper Blossoms
My Caper Harvests
Pruned Caper Bushes

Here are a few links to sites that I've found to be informative:

Small Farm News, Dec 97-Jan 98
Caper - Capparis spinosa
Budding Flavor -
A Video about capers on the Italian island of Salina

And here's a couple links to an Australian caper grower who has written a very informative article about growing and curing capers: (sorry, this link doesn't seem to work anymore)