Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chiles and Frost Update

The true extent of the frost damage to the chile peppers took a while to appear. Some of the plants that I thought fared ok are looking really bad now. They've dropped all their leaves, however the branches seem to be ok and some have tiny new growth that seems to be ok. Other plants are looking surprisingly good. Here's the pictorial review.

Aji Dulce #1 and #2 in the pot
Pimento de Padron behind to the right, lots of brown.
Czech Black, low behind on left, still pretty green.
Tall brown plants in background are Andine Cornue tomatoes.
Piquillo on far left.

Venezuela Sweet and Belize Sweet

Datil Sweet and Tobago Seasoning

St. Lucia Red and Yellow

Aji Argentina, the pods are ok.


Ciliegia di Calabria

Doux d'Espagna


Aji Pineapple



  1. I would be yanking those peppers off and putting them in the dehydrator. I'm rotten and still have not e-mailed you. Also have you done a post on your Black Cherry tomatoes? I would love to know more about them...

  2. Susan, I think there may not be much chance of that.It's cold and frosty again this morning, which I was not expecting and didn't cover anything last night. Looks pretty grim out there at the moment.

    Ang, I was lazy about picking those peppers, lets hope they survived the latest freeze. I guess I could just turn them into hot sauce today if they froze last night. About the email, I was just concerned that my spam filter might have been working too hard! And, no.. no post about yet about Black Cherry tomatoes.

  3. What a lot of different types of peppers and chillis you grow, I'm very impressed. This year we didn't grow any because we didn't get organised until too late, but will do better this year.

  4. Jan and Steve, just wait 'til you see the chiles I'm growing this year!

  5. Michell - What a gorgeous blog....I found it in my search for piquillo seeds. I looked through the sources linked, but couldn't find any. Can you tell me where to find piquillo seeds?
    I'm in lower elevation of Tuolumne County, grew these a few years ago with amazing sucess, but foolishly didn't save seeds.

  6. Karen, I got my seeds through a member of the Seed Savers Exchange. You can become a member and get the annual yearbook here:

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!


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