Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Walk In The Park III

Today I'm sharing photos of a walk that I took a little while ago, actually the same day we had the big frost. I finally got around to sifting through all the photos I took and since I have nothing better to post about today this is what it's going to be! I did take a walk in the park this morning with my husband (get the new year off to a healty start), but I intentionally left the camera at home to avoid subjecting him to frequent photo stops. The park is big, with over 50 miles of trails. For this walk I headed for the top of the ridge so I could get a look at the snowy peaks in the area.

The Cottonwoods in full autumn glory (they don't know it's December!)

No idea what plant this is, but it's fall color is pretty.

Who said pond scum is ugly?

Moss and lichen are much easier to admire.

Multi-trunked Bay Laurel

A leafless Big Leaf Maple glowing eerily amongst it's leafed companions.

I thought I was done with frosty photos,
but the frost lingered near the top of the ridge.

Another stately old tree.

Looking down the Sky Trail under a leafless Big Leaf maple.

A weirdly beautiful fungus.

These saplings looked like they were straining to get up the hill.
They didn't seem to be as winded as me though!

The hand of man or a chance of nature?

This must be the top, an X marks the spot.

After 1600 feet of climbing,
a view of snow dusted Mt. Toro.

My, how my legs have lengthened!

Looking south into the St. Lucia range.

The view along the ridge looking towards Monterey Bay.

Another fall scene on the trail down.

The view of the valley floor with some autumn color.


  1. OK, that is just ridiculously beautiful. You are lucky to live nearby! Love the wacky fungus and lichens. Could the un-ID'ed plant be a dogwood of some sort? Looks kind of like some of mine. There's some kind of trick you can do with ripping a leaf to see if it is, but I forget how you do it. Hm.

  2. I totally enjoyed the walk with you. Great pictures, especially of the old tree. I'm not yet tired... C'mon walk on. :D

  3. I wonder if it is dogwood, there is a California native that grows in spots like that. Gonna have to keep an eye out for flowers this spring! I am so grateful that I get to be near such a great hiking spot.

  4. Thanks Chandramouli, there will be more walks in the future. The wild flowers should start blooming pretty soon, I saw the first wild currant blooming yesterday.


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