Friday, April 10, 2009

April Flowers in the Garden

Here's a couple of volunteers putting on a nice show.
Santa Barbara Daisy and Nemesia

I was barely able to capture this pollen laden bumble bee
while it was flitting through Ceanothus.

A better shot of the Ceanothus.
It's in full bloom and absolutely abuzz with insects of all sorts.

Aeonium undulatum putting forth a flower spike.

Fragrant white Freesia

Ranunculus which has been living undisturbed
in this pot for 4 years.

Nicotiana "Hot Chocolate"

Variegated Angel's Trumpet

Huchera maxima

Cantua buxifolia

Echium gentianoides “Tajinaste”



This plant came as a bonus growing in a pot of something else (can't remember what and it's probably dead now anyway). It's been happily growing and blooming in the garden for a couple of years.


  1. Oh, your early spring looks like summer here! We won't have most/any of those things for months yet. I can't wait for ceanothus season, that's how I evaluate the health of the bee colonies in the neighborhood. We have one and our two-doors-up neighbor has a huge one. I've heard they are not long-lived so I worried this winter would knock them out, but so far they both seem to be surviving. Is the nicotiana night-fragrant even this early in the year for you? So lovely, all of them, thanks for pulling me forward in time a bit.

  2. PS, Oh, I just noticed the face behind the flowers in that first shot! Funny that I was so focused on the blooms that I missed the green man/troll/whatever he is!

  3. Karen, that Ceanothus almost got pulled out, last spring and the spring before it looked horrible and hardly bloomed. For whatever reason, all the ceanothus in the garden put on a great this spring. Guess it's staying for now...

    Green Man is a bit of an ugly fellow, but it's fun to place him where he peers out from the foliage. I posted a different picture of him back on November 12 in a less springy mood.

    Oh, and the Nicotiana, I haven't noticed any fragrance yet, but it's still to cold in the evening to be out there.

  4. What pretty blooms! I love the color on that ceanothus!

  5. What vibrant colors, Michelle! Ceanothus - is it fragrant? Looks really attractive. It'd be so unfair to mention a single bloom as all of them look awesome! Your garden must be a riot of colors all around!

  6. Chandramouli, the Ceanothus has a little bit of fragrance on warm days, but I haven't really put my nose close to it to really check it out. There is a fair amount of blooming going on right now, but not quit a riot. :) I have to admit, I tend to devote more time to veggies than to flowers!

  7. Wow, those are some spectacular blooms for so early in the season. I especially like the echeveria and the nicotiana Hot Chocolate. Absolutely lovely.

  8. Everything is lovely, and very Californian! Bravo.

    I'm beside myself with envy about your blooming Cantua. Next year for me, I guess.

  9. What a beautiful garden! Do you know what variety the Ceanothus is?


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