Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Succulent Indulgence

A wonderful store that features an amazing array of succulents and garden ornaments is closing their local retail store and everything is 50% off. So, after eyeing the ad in the paper numerous times over the last few weeks, I finally decided to indulge my love of succulents and stopped by the store a couple of days ago . Unfortunately, they were pretty wiped out but I did find a number of plants to add to my succulent collection. Perhaps it was fortunate for my wallet that I waited so long, I still managed to come home with 14 plants.

Not all of the pots had labels but I think I can eventually figure most of them out. The Aeonium variety is "Thunderstorm". There's a couple of spiky aloes, one is A. marlothii and the other is A. tomentosa. I think both of these aloes get to be pretty big, but they are probably deer proof so they will go outside the fence where there is plenty of room to grow. Two of the crassulas had labels C. rupestris and C. schmidtii. And then there's Echeveria harmsii and E. setosa. The sedums had no names and there's another plant of a genus unknown to me. Eh, maybe I'll get around to identifying them and maybe not, I'll enjoy them anyway.

The store has been open for 29 years in that location. It's sad to see it go, but the good news is that they are opening a retail space at their nursery in Castroville. The really sad aspect of this story is that this in yet one more business that has closed up shop in that center... so many empty shops there now.


  1. Great plants your are showing and a really sad story sharing with us today. It is truely sad to see all the small businesses go.

    xoxo Tyra

  2. Love succulents. Two years ago, I tried to plant tomatoes in pots, with the usual anxiety, lots of money spent on water, fertilizer, plant sitter, got 3 tomatoes. I replaced them with succulents and I've been a happy mouse ever since. ;->

  3. So sad to hear about the shop :( Great buy, Michelle. I love succulents with exotic blooms!

  4. I've been growing A. marlothii in Bermuda (out in the garden) with moderate success. One plant even bloomed (spectacular) but I usually lose them to something or other. Have you grown this Aloe before?

  5. Tyra, it is too sad. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Town Mouse, I tried tomatoes in pots once also with the same results.

    Chandramouli, the blooms are lovely and I love the exotic shapes of succulents also.

    Prospero, this is my first time trying to grow this Aloe. I believe it is a South African plant so it will probably do ok for me since I have a similar climate. I'm more concerned about deer or gophers eating the plants!


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