Monday, December 7, 2009

Harvest Monday - December 7, 2009

This could be one of the last colorful Harvest Monday posts of the season. It's pouring rain and forcasted to get as low as 23F tonight and tomorrow morning, a big mass of freezing arctic air is about to settle down upon the region. I need to force myself out into the cold wet wet garden to strip the pepper and pea plants....

In the meantime, here's most of what got harvested in the last week.

I finally photographed a picking of kale! This is Portuguese Dairyman's kale. I got the seeds through SSE from a Northern California gardener who got his seeds from his Portuguese neighbor who brought the seeds from the Azores. It is a delicious kale and I'm planning on (hoping to...) save seeds this spring. There's also a small bunch of Piracicaba broccoli on the right.

Another selection of peppers: Marconi Purples on the tray, working clockwise from the Marconis, Aji Dulce Yellow, Aji Dulce #1, Puerto Rico No Burn with Pimento de Cheiro (tiny yellow), Zavory (red) and Datil (yellow).

A giant red scallion.

More peppers: from the upper left and working clockwise, Aji Panca, Chihuacle Amarillo, Aji Argentina (from a neglected 2 year old plant, many of which started drying on the plant), Habanero Long Chocolate, Aji Pineapple (another 2 year old plant), and Aji Dulce Yellow.

More peppers: Christmas Bell (C. baccatum) on top and Piment Doux Long des Landes sweet peppers on the bottom, and one last Chihuacle negro over there on the left.

Opal Creek Golden snap peas. I harvested another similar amount and then after the nighttime temperature dipped somewhere below 28F the other night I harvested a few more that had been a bit damaged by the low temps.

And another big overgrown scallion. I also harvested one more big red one yesterday that I didn't photograph.

And the Magadalena Big Cheese and Berrettina Piacentina squash had to be harvested because the plants were killed the other night.

Hmm, what else did I harvest... More Aji Angelos and a small picking of Pimento de Padrons. That's the last of the Padrons, the pods still on the plants are squishy from the freeze the other night. And a few more Petaluma Gold Rush beans. Parsley, parsley, but I do love parsley...

So what are you harvesting now? Join in the fun at Daphne's Dandelions.

Ug, now I need to get warm and waterproof and get out into that cold ,wet and cold and wet garden....


  1. That is still a very nice haul. I'll be sad that your peppers are gone. I really like seeing them. They are so colorful. I see your scallions get as big as mine do. Though this year they seemed a bit bigger than normal. I think because they were started earlier.

  2. Such pretty pictures, and pretty peppers.

  3. Oh very impressive for this time of year. Those pepper (or chillis) are amazing colours, i really like the yellow ones!

  4. Love the look of the red scallion, I will have to look for that one for next season. The squash are very nice as well. Every time I see your chillies it makes me want a chicken enchilada topped with red chili sauce.

  5. Michelle, I'm always surprised by the early December harvests. It's going to change soon though.


    Daphne, I pretty well stripped the plants today, so there will be one more harvest post with pretty peppers.


    Stefaneener, thanks!


    Prue, the peppers do come in an amazing array of colors, it makes me want to grow so many different ones!


    Dan, the scallions are pretty, they are white in the center though. Funny you mention enchiladas, I just made turkey enchiladas with a tomatillo-poblano sauce the other day. Mmm, they were good. I need to grow some poblanos next year, I can't believe I had to buy some peppers!

  6. Great looking squash michelle. I love the look of that blue one.

    Yikes, I can't believe you're getting colder temperatures than we are tonight...although the rest of this week will be pretty frigid.

    What an abrupt end to the fall growing season.

  7. Thomas, It is a pretty squash, but I'm not sure it is mature enough, I planted it rather late.

    Crazy weather! The forcast changed this evening to not quite as cold with a slight chance of *snow*, really crazy. Actually, there is snow on the highest peaks already, I could see it this afternoon when it cleared a bit.

    I'll see how the garden fares tomorrow.

  8. The blue squash is a masterpiece so very beautiful. Wonderful Michelle, everything looks fantastic I am sooo jealous :-) I had no harvest at all.

    I'm moving

  9. Tyra, thank you, but you know you could never leave that beautiful, greenhouse behind, never! But the garden won't be so pretty after last night, down to 28F again and covered with frost.


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