Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Ack, Where's the Sun?

It's July.

Where's the sky?

Behind that blanket of fog.

No Sky July. Sibling of June Gloom and May Gray. The primary reason why I harvest the bulk of my tomatoes and peppers in September and October. I will admit though that I much prefer gardening and hiking in this weather than on hot sunny days.

But what do you do if you're a cold blooded lizard on days like today? (And yesterday, and....)

Press yourself as flat as you can against a surface that absorbs whatever radiation from the sun that penetrates through the cold gray wet murk.

Just a quickie fun post before I get out to the garden to get some work done. I'm working up a garden tour post so stay tuned.

FYI, the black thingy with the white tip next to the lizard's left rear leg is lizard poop. And in case you're wondering the lizard is a Western Fence Lizard.

Nobody does a big fireworks display here for the 4th anymore which is just as well because the fog would spoil the fun. And a wildfire would spoil the fun too.

Happy Birthday USA!


  1. Great shot of the lizard. Our local ones are hiding in the shade today, as the temps are at 95°F. Happy 4th!

  2. We don’t get lizards which is a shame. I think we must have your sun!

  3. Uh ... coming up north for awhile, love the fog, oh, no, wait a minute, last time I visited Berkeley all I wanted to do is come home to southern California to see the sun. The overcast skies can get monotonous. That lizard splayed out like that is great. I love the little ones early in the year.

  4. I know where your sun is - it's here! I can't recall when we last had a cloudy day - I, for one, would love to send a chunk of sun back your way since gardening in 100 degree weather is not my idea of fun.

  5. That fog is incredibly dense. The weather you have is very interesting. You don't get much sun or rain, so the weather is nice and mild.

  6. Hope the sun has started to come through for you these past few days. The scenery looks amazing around you, thanks for the share. Love checking out your photos. Have a great weekend!
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