Monday, July 2, 2018

Harvest Monday - July 2, 2018

For whatever reason I didn't put my camera to much use last week so the only harvest photo I have to offer is of the Baby Shanghai pac choi that I cleared out of the garden.

Baby Shanghai Pac Choi
Some of the pac choi was just beginning to lengthen as it tried to push up flower stalks but it was all still very good. I used a portion of it to make a stir fry with a big scallion from the garden that was harvested quite some time ago but still in excellent shape and then added to that a big ripe sweet pepper from the farmer's market and some tofu and baby shrimp. I kept the sauce simple with a mix of ginger, fish sauce, soy sauce, fermented pepper sauce, and sesame oil. Dave said I hit it out of the park with that dish.

Other than the pac choi I also harvested a few of the first Sweetheart beets, an Asian green similar to kale called Peking Ta Ching Koo Pai Tsai, most of the Tennis Ball lettuce which was suffering in the warmth, and I cut the Yellow Cabbage collards down to the nubs so that I could add additional protection from the rodents. None of that got photographed.

That's all I have to report this week. Head on over to Our Happy Acres where Dave is hosting Harvest Monday, you'll find much more inspiring harvest posts there.


  1. Friday's high temp is forecast to be 110F here and 78F (what you call warm) where you are. Enjoy these late green vegetables while you can! Of course, Carmel Valley always has perfect weather, doesn't it? I like your Dave's phrasing.

    1. Yikes! 110F. Yuck. Actually, I just looked at the forecast for Friday, it's supposed be very warm at 84F. It's not always perfect weather here but it is pretty darn nice most of the time.

  2. I like the sound of your stir fry - nothing not to like in there! The "Peking Ta Ching Koo Pai Tsai" listing on SSE looks interesting, but I would have to give it a nickname that is easy to remember.

  3. Your pac choi dish sounds amazing. I can't wait to start harvesting Asian greens and beets, but it'll be a couple months before that'll happen.

  4. PAC Choi just will no grow for us. If it does actually grow it ends up full of holes.

  5. Sometimes life just gets busy doesn’t it! Sounds like your garden was still productive! Glad to see you still come to join the harvest conversation!


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