Thursday, October 30, 2008

Babies! Spiders!

Spider Mom did it! She's got babies. It's amazing to me that she chose a spot that is the same color as her, her egg mass, and the babies. Hiding in plain sight. I tried to figure what kind of spider she is (they are), but there are so many thousands of spiders in the world..... I do know, however, that there are Black Widows and Tarantulas close by. Oh, and I did see a couple of scorpions.

While I was checking up on Spider Mom, I noticed the honey bees going for the wild arugula blossoms. It's difficult to get a decent shot, especially with my camera (Santa, are you listening?), so that's the best I could get. Did you know that arugula blossoms are delicious?


  1. I've tried to photograph bees as well but they always seem to disappear into the flower when I press the button!!

  2. Nice photo of the bee and flower. Now matter how many you see, you never grow tired!

  3. Oh how wonderful! I love these pics, particularly the lovely little spiders!


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