Monday, October 27, 2008

More Pictures from the Garden

Andine Cornue

It looks like I'll get another harvest of the Andine Cornue paste tomatoes. I made one batch of tomato puree and one of tomato paste from these.

Thai Chiles

These little chiles really pack a wallop! I dry them and use them whole in stir frys.

Mixed Lettuces

Time to harvest another green salad. It's also time to replant the other pot of mixed lettuces, I noticed some bitterness in the last picking.


I didn't get around to roasting the Piquillos and they started to shrivel. So instead of trying to roast them I decided to dry them and attempted my first ristra.

"Cousin It"

Otherwise known as African Blue Basil. This plant is an absolute magnet for honey bees and other pollinators and beneficials.

Verbena bonariensis

Another magnet for beneficials and pollinators. This one likes to volunteer around the garden.

Compost Bins

The sun is coming up over the ridge. I've been using the compost from one of the bins, the rest are close to ready. I like to sift the compost and incorporate the fine stuff into the soil and use the chunky stuff as mulch.

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