Thursday, October 16, 2008

Garlic Bed Planted

Ready to Plant

Here's the garlic bed ready to plant. I amended with a wheelbarrow of homemade compost and the better part of a bag of chicken manure to be sure that the compost doesn't tie up too much nitrogen. I also added a pound of crab meal, a cup of humic acid, 1/2 pound of sulfate of potash, and 3/4 pound of bone meal (probably should have be double that!). The drip lines (1/4 inch with inline emitters spaced every 6 inches) were laid 8 inches apart.

The garlic cloves were planted about 3 inches deep spaced between the emitters so they ended up in rows 4 inches apart, spaced every 6 inches. The final touch was some temporary cat proofing. I'll put some netting over the bed eventually.

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