Thursday, October 16, 2008

Garlic for Planting

It must be the old accountant in me - I was curious to see how many cloves there were in each quarter-pound bag of garlic that I bought plus a quarter pound of each garlic that I grew last season. Then I had to take pictures of it. Oh well, here they are.

Ajo Rojo: 3 heads, 25 burgundy cloves

Chengdu, 2 heads, 16 fat cloves

Chopaka Mountain: 1 huge head, 18 fat cloves

Georgian Crystal: 2 heads, 12 fat cloves

Labera Purple: 6 small heads, 30 burgundy cloves

Pskem: 3 heads, 9 huge cloves

Silver White: 3 heads, 38 small to medium cloves

Tochliavri: 6 ounces, 2 heads, 41 small to medium cloves

Yugoslavian: 2 heads, 24 easy peel cloves

Zemo: 2 heads, 12 large cloves

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