Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tomatoes Still

The tomatoes are still ripening on the vine and I picked some beauties yesterday. Tonight, dinner is a platter of Hillbilly, Ananas Noir, and Large Pink Bulgarian tomatoes to be topped with buffalo mozzarella and fresh picked basil. A bowl of fried padron peppers and some crusty Della Fattoria bread will round it out. And then there's still some apple tart from a couple nights ago.


  1. Isn't just wonderful to harvest especially now. What is the name of the Bulgarian?/ LOL Tyra

  2. It's especially wonderful to harvest now since my summer harvest was so pitiful. The Bulgarian is named "Large Pink Bulgarian". I first tasted it and bought the seeds at the Carmel Tomato Fest a number of years ago. The seeds are still offered on the Tomato Fest web site (see the seed sources sidebar).


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