Thursday, December 18, 2008

Autumn in the Park

What we get of fall color has finally arrived. I took a walk in Garland Ranch Regional Park the other day to enjoy the color while I could. It was mid afternoon and the sun was hitting the trees at an angle which really lit them up beautifully.

The Carmel River from the footbridge.

The path along the valley floor.

A cottonwood?

On the shady side of the park....

Buckeye Seed

Coyote Bush Seeds

A very old sprayer.


  1. The picture of the old sprayer is fantastic! Love the cottonwoods and the Buckeye's of course.

  2. Oh I was so excited to see the buckeye seed. My PaPa English has a tree in his front yard. Year after year we would try to get the seeds to germinate and we never could. We finally resolved to simply putting them in our blue jean pockets "You’ll never find a dead man with a buckeye in his pocket."

  3. HHG, it is a fascinating piece of equipment. I can't help wondering what they were spraying... manure?

    ang, what a delightful story! You must have had some big pockets in those jeans. Reminds me my own buckeye story. When we were kids, my younger brother and I would compete to spot the blooming buckeyes first and yell "buckeye!". This was while riding in the car with one or both parents - my poor parents!


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