Friday, December 5, 2008

December Pretties

Verbena bonariensis

Lantana 'Radiation'



Cape Plumbago


Balloon Flower


  1. Just what we needed to brighten a cold Winter day. Lovley.

  2. What beautiful photos and so nice to have them blooming. I don't have a single bloom in my garden as it is too cold for them.

  3. Hi Seed to Table, I love the flowers and the photography here! Now this is what I'm looking for when I go 'blog browsing'. SOmething to cheer me up!! I'm going to pick your post for blotanical. Also, you might want to look into Carol's May Dream Gardens blog because she hosts a monthly Garden Blogger Bloom Day at her site. THis post would be great for Decembers GBBD, which I think is about mid-month! Jan

  4. Thank you all for the great comments, I'm so happy you're enjoying the flowers.

    Thanks For 2 Day, thank you for the pick and the direction to May Dream Gardens, I'll keep an eye out for GBBD and leave a comment there. :)


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