Monday, December 1, 2008

Summer Vegetables on the First of December

Every time I think that the garden has to be gasping its last summer breath it surprises me. The problem is my faulty memory. Garden fresh tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers just don't spring to mind at this time of the year. But, when I go back and look at garden photos from this time last year I find pictures of my Datil Sweet harvest and a picture of a tomato plant with big green tomatoes on it. So I guess it's time to stop being so surprised and count my blessings. Here's a few photos of "summer" vegetables in the garden now.

African Blue Basil and Tomato Plants

Unripe Ananas Noir Tomatoes

Datil Sweets ripening

Andine Cornue Tomatoes

Czech Black Chiles

Large Pink Bulgarian Tomato

Ciliegia di Calabria Chiles

Piquillos in Bloom

Thai Hot Chiles

Chile "Argentina"

Painted Serpent Cucumber

The Mystery Tomato

Genovese Basil

Solanum melanocerasum


  1. Oh man, California... that's quite something for December 1! I love the painted serpent cucumber, wonder if we can grow that up here in Seattle?!

  2. What a lovely, bountiful autumn harvest.

  3. Karen, I bet they would do just fine in Seattle. I'm amazed that they haven't succumbed to powdery mildew yet, most cucumbers usually get it pretty quickly around here. They must be resistant to it.

    Thanks Susan!

  4. Beautiful - it looks just like summer! We're still eating fresh tomatoes but they've ripened in the house, picked green when the plants looked dead a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy your December harvest!


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