Friday, December 12, 2008

December 12 Harvest

Today's pickings

Are you getting tired of photos of my December tomato harvests? Well, I'm not. It's so amazing to me that the plants are still alive, well most of them. Here's what one of the Grappoli D'Inverno plants looked like today when I stripped it.

You can't tell from the photo, but the tomatoes are still firm and tasty.

Basket O' Basil

The basil plants got stripped today as well, they were starting to succumb to fungal gunk. I've been promising my husband pesto, so here's my last chance.

The rest of the harvest was Andine Cornue paste tomatoes (one plant dead, one nearly gone, and one still going with green tomatoes), Painted Serpent Cucumbers (from plants that looked little better than the Grappoli D'Inverno), Pimento de Padron peppers (dropping leaves but hanging in there), Atitlan snow peas (slowing down), Piracicaba broccoli side shoots, and Spigariello broccoli (just getting going).

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