Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Morning Treat

I was drawn outside this morning by the rising sun shining on the hillside across the valley. Then I noticed that one of the hummingbird feeders needed replenishing. When I returned outside with the hummer food I was treated to the sight of a beautiful rainbow. So, after filling the feeder, I dashed back inside to fetch my camera.

As I watched and took pictures... grrr this darn camera, I could see that there was a faint second rainbow.

Double Treat!


  1. Ohhh how wonderful. Great photo catch, Kim

  2. Wow--what a surprise! The first one is gorgeous enough (great photography! how'd you do that??) And then to find another next to it? You don't even need to get to the end of the rainbow for your pot of gold! It's right there in your photos!! Jan

  3. Thanks Kim and Jan. The light on the hills was beautiful enough, but a double rainbow too, a triple treat really.

    Jan, I just took as many photos as my camera could and then picked the best. Am I ever grateful for digital!


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