Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Ice Queen Came Last Night

The Temperature This Morning

Frost is probably oh so ho hum for a lot you. In my garden though, frost is an occasional event and doesn't usually put on much of a show, nor does it do much damage. But it showed up in a big way last night, at least by my standards. I knew it was going to be colder than usual last night so, fortunately, I thought to cover up some items in the vegetable garden to at least give them a chance at surviving the cold night.

First, photographs from the vegetable garden. I really have to find my tripod, some of these could be clearer.

An some frosty flowers...........

And some miscellaneous other frosty things..........


  1. WOW! Those are awesome photos! I loved every one of them - thanks for posting them.

  2. Hi Michelle, I'm shocked that more people haven't seen these photos and commented! They are just gorgeous, and show such amazing detail! Now I wonder what has happened to some of those veggies? Were they ruined? Take care! Jan

  3. Hi Jan, thanks for stopping by and commenting. The veggies in the photos came through ok, although I didn't check on the tomatoes. Some of the peppers that I covered in hopes of getting them to overwinter, not impossible here, are looking a bit zinged. And all the flowers recovered too.

  4. Wow! What beautiful pictures! Thank you for this nice, long post.

  5. AMAZING photos! Are you a pro? If not, you could be, you know. :) I wish I had a print of some of those, they are incredible. I hope your veggies survive - what did you cover them with? We are having a horrible deep freeze here and I'm worried about my plants, I only covered up a few and don't think I did it adequately.

    PS Is your cat's name Hank? Ours was too, dear departed brown tabby. We still miss him, 3 years on!

  6. The crystals on those grasses are spectacular! Nice job. :) And though we do get a lot of heavy frosts over the winter, each one is amazing.

  7. Wow! That's a real frost. Great pictures! The tomatoes look lovely - like Christmas decorations! The end of your warm autumn perhaps? We don't get heavy frost like this much either, even when the temperature drops below freezing it's usually too dry.

  8. Thanks sooo much for the great comments everyone :).

    Karen, I'm far from a pro, but it does help that I took a couple of photography courses at the J.C. in my old home town. I didn't get around to the color photography courses, so I kinda flounder around with that. The one thing that I retained from the courses was how to see things.

    Chaiselongue, we are definitely in winter mode now!

  9. Karen, to answer the rest of your questions..

    The black kitty is Hank, the sweetest of the bunch! We took him in after he got abandoned in the neighborhood.

    And I covered some of the plants with Agribon AG-50 frost cloth which I mail ordered from Peaceful Valley:

    I used a frame made from pieces of 6-inch concrete reinforcing mesh to hold the cloth over the plants.


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